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Rounds: 40 (Snake)


Time Limit: 8 hours


**Dropping to 6 hours starting Monday morning after a selection is made at 8am PST or later.**


• You can only draft 1 prospect from the 2022 or 2023 NHL in the first 11 rounds. 3 in the first 20 rounds. 15 is the most you can have by the end of the draft.


• Every team must have roster requirements met by the end of the draft. See CBA for more details on roster requirements.


• Contracts will be taking from capfriendly. Whatever the players AAV is is what you'll be charged with per season. If they had their salary retained when traded to another team that WILL NOT be taken off the GFL aav. You will be charged the total aav of their contract. Any NTC or NMC on a players contract also comes with them to GFL, and will follow the rules of the NTC/NMC in the CBA. Any contract that has both the NTC and NMC mentioned in same year will have the NTC applied to that year.




• If you select a player that was already taken you will be skipped and can make it up at any time


• If you draft a player that is currently a UFA in real life, you will be given the option of getting them on a 1 year deal with an aav equal to their last contract OR you can match any contract they sign in real life. If the player is an RFA you will need to either negotiate a new deal, or match an offer signed in real life. Decision needs to be made no later than 12pm pst on OCT 1. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Extensions DO NOT follow players with 1 year left on current deal to GFL. If a player has 1 year left on current contract, and signed an extension in real life, you will get that player with just 1 year left on deal, and will have to discuss a possible extension with an agent after the draft.


• If you miss your pick you will be skipped, but can make up the pick at any time. If skipped you will be auto skipped every time your on the clock until you make it up. Multiple missed picks could result in termination.


The time limits don't start until Tuesday, but you can still make your selection before then as long as your on the clock. Once you select a player their tenure with your club will automatically begin. We urge all GMs to take the required time to research before making the picks, but ask they try and make them in a timely manner. This will help the draft move more smoothly, and hopefully prevent me from setting tighter time limits to complete the draft. Having the 12 hour time limit allows people from around the globe to get a good night's rest without worrying about a skipped pick. Lowering the time limit will have a greater impact on them, so let's try and not make that happen.


If you are worried about missing a pick feel free to send me a list. If you're 10 picks away, send me a 10 player list. Can even let me know to "take this guy over that guy if ..."


Also there is a master list of players in the CDCGFL Spreadsheet. It's the very first tab. Keep in mind that the info was not taken from CapFriendly, so double check contract info on cap friendly before selecting. I will highlight the players from that list as they get taken off the board. If someone knows a way to get a lost straight from capfriendly feel free to do so and share with everyone. Would be greatly appreciated!


Anyone looking for a fantasy draft list of how players are projected to do with this format?


Message @Master Mind



What salary cap requirements need to be met by end of the draft?

You will need to be above the salary cap floor by October 1st, but dont need to by end of the draft. You cannot exceed 10% of the salary cap at any point in the draft. Any player you draft that will put you above 10% of the cap will be put into your AHL system. You must make room for them after the draft is completed and before October 1st, or risk losing them to waivers when the league wide waiver period happens.


What roster requirements need to be met?

Aside from being salary cap compliant, you will need to at least meet the minimum roster requirement stated in the CBA by the end of the draft. Please see CBA (2.1) for info on roster requirements.


Does position of players matter?

Yes positions matter, but in a lot of cases it will be flexible. Centers will need to play center, defensemen will need to play defense, and goalies will need to play goalie. However it is ok to have centers play wing, wingers to play their off wing, and Dmen to play their off side... However if things do get too out of hand we may have to become more strict on that in the future.


What determines a players cap hit?

Whatever a players aav is according to CapFriendly is what the players aav will be in GFL. With ELC players their original contracts aav is used, and their base salary is taken from their final year.


What if I draft a player who is currently a UFA/RFA?

If you draft a UFA you will be given the choice of taking them on a 1yr deal at their last aav or matching any deal they sign before October 1st deadline. If you draft an RFA you will be given a choice to negotiate a deal, or match any offer they get before October 1st deadline.


Can I draft more than 1 starting goalie?

You can draft as many starting goalies as you want. However if you have a clear cut #1 goalie in a backup role it is likely they will request a trade. Those situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the exec team.


When do we need to sign unsigned prospects?

Unsigned prospects will need to be signed within 2 years of drafting them. If not signed in 2 years they will re-enter draft, and if not eligible for the draft they will become a free agent. This goes for all unsigned prospects. Including NCAA players.

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Time limit update/FAQ
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15 minutes ago, Petey Castiglione said:

Oh wow. I literally never win anything.  Why can't the Canucks win the 1st IRL.  Hahahah  


Thanks again for hosting and teaching me along the way @Gator.  With that said, with the 1st overall pick, I'd like to select the 4th coming of our savior, Connor Bedard. ::D

Oh shit was not actually expecting that. And we're off!

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