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  1. Alf isn't banned. He just hasn't logged in since March 12th.
  2. I can tell you that Ryan Strome's absence is due to his account being banned.
  3. I've been re-watching The Office and actually am on Season 9. I just watched that episode not too long ago, it's "Dwight Christmas". Dwight dresses up as Belsnickel and then Nate is going to show up as Zwarte Piet (Black Peter), but he calls it off when Stanley hears about it.
  4. I thought the concept for the game was cool and it was a good idea to reboot the series, but they really did nothing with it. It was the first Mass Effect game that was truly just an EA production as all the original members of Bioware were gone for Andromeda and it shows.
  5. Please stop with the personal attacks. Anything further will result in official warnings/suspensions.
  6. It stops them from posting on the site altogether. We wouldn't really want a thread dedicated to just conspiracy theories and blame, as that's not productive and does more harm than good. It's fine to be critical in this thread, but keeping it reality based and having some sort of reasoning behind it helps. Also, there is an existing Trump thread for all the rest.
  7. He can't respond as he's on a timeout at the moment. To everyone: Let's not turn this thread into some sort of Trump/US politics conspiracy theory thread please. Political posting related to Coronavirus is fine, but things are getting off topic here and this is rapidly turning into the Trump thread.
  8. Let's take it down a notch please. The conspiracy posts and the personal attacks need to stop. I know tensions are high and people are stressed, but the next step is going to be account suspensions if we can't keeps things civil.
  9. If you or anyone else is wondering why you don't get a response, he's on a timeout.