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  1. Please stop trolling. The fans have nothing to do with how the players are performing on the field.
  2. I'd like to see the Blue Jays win today.
  3. I'd like to see Tulo moved up in the lineup and Martin dropped down.
  4. Trevor Linden asked me to lock this up.
  5. To everyone that received that PM please just ignore it. That account has now been banned from this site, so there won't be a response if you reply. They spammed that message out to a lot of users.
  6. I'm going to disagree with you guys on Happ being pulled after pitching only 5 innings. I don't have a problem with it really. The first hitter reached and Gibbons didn't want to take the chance that would be the inning they finally got to Happ as they had been hitting him all day. He had given up 9 hits and a walk to that point. He did a great job of pitching around trouble the entire game, but even at only 84 pitches you have to factor in the stress and extra effort he was putting in to get out of all the jams. If he had been cruising through most of the game it's one thing, but just about every inning was a struggle and I don't think you can just purely look at pitch count in that case. Anyways, I'm hoping for a Jays vs. Tribe ALCS. That's probably the last thing MLB wants though.
  7. 9 Hits, 4 walks and only 2 runs so far. If they lose this game they can blame the offence once again.
  8. I guess comments such as Forsling are not permitted on a Canucks web site. I'll try again  later :lol:

    1. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      No, it's just you were beaten by 5 minutes from another thread: 


      And beaten by a full hour from my status update. 

    2. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      As mentioned your thread was locked because someone had posted the same article earlier. Your thread was also posted to the wrong forum section as Forsling is no longer a Canucks prospect.

    3. Fred65


      Forsling was a Vcr Prospect and if I wanted to draw every ones attention, that's the place to go,  where else is it posted ? Frankly I only ever post in Prospects and or Canuck talk. I have no idea what goes on in the rest of the forums. Cynically I think it was locked because it was an embarrassment to the management  :lol: I trust all future reference to past players will be locked

  9. http://forum.canucks.com/topic/379198-gustav-forsling-from-tsn-article/
  10. The Rangers would probably make for the best series in terms of rivalry and the emotion of the series. I know some people would say The Indians would be the best match-up, but their pitching would scare me, especially since it's all right handed starters and they are good. The Red Sox have the momentum right now and their hitting is really good, so all the match-ups seem pretty tough. Come playoff time if you draw the Red Sox you just have to hope that Price is consistent and doesn't perform in the playoffs once again.
  11. In the future please put this in the correct forum (Trades, Signings & Rumours Forum). Also, please remember to tag your thread and include at least an excerpt from the article you are posting. I'm closing this as it's just speculation and the author seems against the idea he's speculating about? It's also weirdly on Foxsports, but pulled from another lesser known site.
  12. I think this thread has run its course. Its been derailed now and personal attacks are creeping in.