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  1. Sorry guys. Been crazy busy with work.
  2. St Louis is proud to select G Michael DiPietro
  3. Because all ths good tank names like Oilers, Sabres, Coyotes, and Maple Leafs were already taken!
  4. Looking to potentially move up if anyone has a pick upcoming that they are considering trading.
  5. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    I have a feeling it will
  6. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    I just really hope it is not given to Sutter, Edler, or Tanev. Sutter is not a battler, he is a talker, Edler might he the shyest person in hockey and is certainly the most boring interview, and Tanev looks like he is high on bc bud all the time. All good players and possibly leaders behind the scenes. but the face of the franchise? Please god no.
  7. We will select Jonas Brodin
  8. goals,goals...from who?

    The writer says very clearly it is sarcasm. He also highlights it with a few really over the top points like saying that no team scored over 300 last year but the Canucks will. I found it hard to read without noticing the sarcastic, playful tone and meaning.
  9. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I would much rather see them pass the C to Horvat than anyone, as I think it is the right move, but if they are going with a vet, I sincerely hope it is Gudbranson rather than Sutter or Edler or Tanev. The perception of our leadership identity changing to a more aggressive, pack mentality lay it on the line for each other approach matters too. I think (but hope i am wrong) that Green and Benning will give the C to Sutter, an A to Edler, and an A to Beagle.
  10. goals,goals...from who?

    Its not optimistic enough for apollo. Lol
  11. goals,goals...from who?

    Clearly sarcasm. A fun read though.
  12. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    So if Edmonton $&!#s the bed yet again what will the excuse be? I mean, they are alreafy gloating about the easiest schedule lol.
  13. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    I am getting pretty sick of the big story every day on TSN is another Leafs player saying how excited he is about the Tavares signing. Talk about stretching out the painfully obvious. We get it. Today the big story was that Tavares donned full leafs gear for the first time! Who gives a $&!#? I used to like Tavares but now i actually hope he bombs in TO and the hoopla pisses Matthews off so he demands a trade. I understand being excited but holy crap its nauseating.
  14. Holy crap my list is gone now.