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  1. Agree. He is not what we need other than as a very cheap one year contract. He would help pp 2 most likely but in terms of fit we don't need any more centers who can't win draws and is he going to be in the top 6 on this team to hide his weaknesses like he was in Edmonton? If not his skills are limited for the 3rd or 4th line role.
  2. They are not the best line in the pacific. They have never played together in the NHL for one thing. And honestly as much as people hate Edmonton their top line kicks ass compared to ours. Anything else is simply wishful thinking. Ours has no grit and no ability to play through playoff type games. Until they prove they can do that they can't be considered the best line. Lucic and Daniel can't really be compared as they bring different things to the table. Daniel is better skill wise but Lucic is a good complementary player on a skill line. McDavid vs Henrik. I would take McDavid even though Henrik is a great player. Eberle and Eriksson is pretty close but again different players. Eriksson is not a pure sniper. He is not a puck hound either. Just a good solid two way player who can add to the offense. Dont nt get me wrong. I think our top line is much better with Eriksson on it. But the best? Laughable.
  3. How about veterans or kids or anyone else that can show our veterans how to play in the playoffs? They seem to have forgotten since 2011
  4. Benning traded a young player that his coach seemed to not be particularly high on for an upgrade on defense on the right side. The picks swap is not particularly good imo but it was pretty obvious McCann was not in Willie's plan for whatever reason. We need some grit on the backend so this could be fine. Hopefully he stays healthy unlike Sutter and seemingly anyone else who is like an iron man until they get to Vancouver. I do worry a bit about where the scoring will come from. A sharp decline in the Sedins production (not as in it being a sure thing but as in worst case scenario) would be disastrous for a team that can't score especially in the clutch. I don't understand why Florida needed another skilled center tbh.
  5. I think I have been through too much bad luck as a Canucks fan. I feel strongly that no matter where they end up they will get the worst possible pick they statistically can. And the player will probably turn out to be one of the worst 1st round players in the draft class at the NHL level. Come on, you can't tell me some of you don't share that "expect the worst but hope for the best" feeling about the Canucks luck in these types of things. The one saving grace for me is that it won't matter anyway because I am a lifer. The next few years are going to be interesting for sure. The results may not be there on the ice (or they may be, who knows) but I think it will be fun to watch either way.
  6. Being brutally honest is coming across like throwing a young teammate under the bus. That hit wasn't even that bad. Maybe Hank and Danny need to stop this "leadership through the media" thing they have going on now. Danny took a pretty dangerous penalty too. Why isn't he "accountable" in Henriks mind? This is not stuff that the Sedins or Desjardins should be doing in the media. If they have something to say they should leave it in the room. It serves no purpose to do it like this.
  7. I just don't get why Henrik needs to say this. Do what every other player does and say "I didn't really see it so I can't comment either way.". And Willie needs to also stfu and support his player on what was a very marginal hit. These two make it sound worse than it is. Great leadership Canucks! I am actually losing a bit of respect for Hank and Danny with their calling out if young players. What did Heneik say about Danny's boarding call?
  8. Watching a bunch of fat, old, bald dudes chasing each other around chairs in a room. Good times.
  9. Nothing he has done and as I said the likelihood is pretty low. But he has also not been in the same position as he would be if he got the 1st overall. Just more the way he is and the way he seems to think he can get players outside the top 5 that are comparable makes it so I would not be surprised if he did trade down.
  10. I highly doubt Benning would trade the 1st overall pick but out of all the GM's in the NHL he is probably the one who I would be least surprised if he did. To be honest I could see him doing so and justifying it by saying he got whatever assets and will still be able to draft a "real good player" by trading down.
  11. Seriously: MVP - seriously tough. No one is really all that. I think Markstrom/Miller should share it. Exciting - Baertschi Dman - Hutton Unsung - Hansen
  12. I just gave him votes for all 4 awards. I must like him more than anyone else. Whipping boy lol
  13. MVP - Vey (he scored a handful of goals) Most Exciting - Vey (No explanation necessary) Best Defenseman - Vey (because none of them deserve it) Unsung Hero - Vey (does so much with so little opportunity)
  14. It is a myth. Bobby McFerrin is alive and well.
  15. Defense: Edler-Tanev Sbisa-Larsen Tryamkin-Pedan Biega Wr would lose every game in the first round 8-5 Stamkos at 7 mil.....lmao I didn't see that.....