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  1. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    The Sabres really need to take a step forward. The talent is there and the futility is closing in on Edmonton levels now. Hopefully they can put it together this season.
  2. [Trade] Jeff Skinner to BUF

    Funny, I thought the word out of Carolina was that their new owner is a micro managing hands on moron who doesnt actually understand just where his team actually is at. The Canes are far weaker up front and are probably better on D but not by enough to offset it. The totality of their moves make little sense to me.
  3. St Louis selects D Roland McKeown with our skipped pick.
  4. With our missed pick St Louis selects Brendan Dillon
  5. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    Ceci and Stone will likely be traded if the arbitrator goes too high.
  6. [Report] 44 players elect salary arbitration

    True story
  7. Elite Keeper League 2018-2019

    St Louis Roster Perron-RNH-Boeser M.Tkachuk-Anisimov-B.Tkachuk McGinn-Lowry-Faksa Barbashev-Gaudette Provorov-Ellis Lindholm-Vlasic Brodin-Morrissey Dillon Mrazek DiPietro
  8. I hope so he is a good young player. Reasonable bet for Washington to take to lock him up. Just has to stay a little closer to the line on the suspension stuff though.
  9. Funny enough though, i am probably a team that could have eaten that cap hit without blinking an eye lol
  10. Good thing i didnt actually get him as he was already taken but didnt show up on the thread search.
  11. St Louis selects Brock McGinn
  12. Travis Green & Jim Benning Interview on SN650

    I dont believe either yet actually. I just said that its always prudent to wait and see the actual actions rather than rely only on the words.
  13. Travis Green & Jim Benning Interview on SN650

    I am not so naive that i believe everything they say and taking that approach has proven correct on many occasions. They now will clearly show if they truly believe what they are saying or if its lip service to fans. No one knows which is true yet but we will. There is quite literally no objective evidence of anything you claim other than them saying it either though. There is a lot of evidence that this group says a lot of things and then makes moves that are at best a contradiction to what they have said. Its not inherently a bad thing, nor is anyone really lying. Its simply how organizations communicate. Namely they try to give themselves as many possible ways to say, "See, we said thats what we were going to do." Even when what they do doesnt necessarily match up neatly. Thats why their statements are almost always vague and ambiguous and allow them maximum leeway in later interpretation. Its actually a communication strategy. And the Canucks are by no means the only organization that does it. Every business i have ever been involved in or had as a client has done it.
  14. Travis Green & Jim Benning Interview on SN650

    1. Correction: Benning and ownership SAY they are on the same page. We have seen a lot of say one thing do another though so its not a given. 2. Again, saying kids will get a spot if they earn it and actually giving them the spot are two different things. We have seen a lot of different approaches to getting youth into the lineup and not all are equal. Or the right developnent choices at times. 3. We will soon enough see if it was Trevor who didnt want to push harder for the rebuild. I actually have my doubts about that. But we will see by the next moves that are made what the actual philosophy now is. I dont think anything is a sure thing at this point with an owner/GM/coach who have routibely said one thing and done the opposite so patience and a healthy dose of skepticism are still warranted.
  15. So would I. Unfortunately the Canucks do not have the roster to win one by trading young guys and draft picks for guys like Richards and Carter.