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  1. I really could see something like this happen. Too many teams will need some kind of relief particularly if the cap goes down.
  2. Really for me it depends on the cost to trade a bad contract. If LE or Baertschi need to have prime assets attached to move them, you start there. I really think Sutter, Roussel, Beagle, and Myers could be traded with minimal to no net negative in the form of a good asset to move them. Maybe a bit of cap retention or a mid level asset at most. Toffoli, Markstrom, and Tanev should all be re-signed provided the term and dollars are not Jim Benning level crazy lol
  3. I honestly feel like JT Miller will be that guy for this team.
  4. I wouldn't want the Stanley Cup awarded in a march madness style tournament. Its the hardest trophy in sports to win for a reason. And you know the league will opt to go for a plan to determine playoff participants that makes sure Vancouver is out.
  5. Benning is much better at his job now than he was the first few years, thats for sure. It is reasonable to say that some of the contracts he has given out are or soon will be handcuffing further improvements. So Benning's real challenge lies ahead. He can't afford to overpay his own UFA players, although in my opinion keeping Markstrom, Toffoli, and Tanev if possible is a good idea. Best case scenario is he gets Eriksson to agree to terminate his contract after the July bonus is paid. Of course, he would have to know this ahead of time so he can plan who to keep. Worst case is he has to include a valuable asset in order to move Eriksson. Either way, they need to move on from that contract. Baertschi is another player that simply needs to be moved. Again, this may cost a valuable asset. Sutter could be moved and in the last year of his deal would likely be relatively easy enough to move. Despite the hate for him, it does leave a hole in the lineup and reduces flexibility for Green. Roussel and Beagle still add some value to the team but Beagle especially needs to stay healthy. Stecher may be a casualty of the cap crunch although he is a good, solid 3rd pairing guy. Fantenburg has been solid but ideally would be a 7th guy. Benn has been disappointing and could probably be moved as well but it will depend on the other pieces coming and going. Tryamkin may come and a couple from the farm may be ready. The trouble is none bring the defensive game and consistency that Tanev does. The defense needs an upgrade not a downgrade so these will be some of his most difficult decisions. One thing I really don't want to see Benning do is hand out a massive long term deal to Markstrom. As good as he has been he has not been consistent for very long.
  6. I don't think many people truly believed last summer that the Canucks would be any further ahead than where they are right now. Green has some areas where he needs to improve but the same can be said of every coach. He is still a net positive at this point. There is a very real possibility that the Canucks will look at a coaching change at some point if they think it is necessary to take the next step. In that event there are still some great experienced options available. Having said that, if the Canucks make the playoffs it is essentially a "found money" year. So why not see if Green is capable of stepping up his game in the playoffs? You don't know what someone is capable of until you see them do it.
  7. I was waiting for you to show up oldnews. Interested to hear your take on this subject.
  8. I did think they would improve. But based on expectations even with those additions, I feel that they are ahead of where most thought they would be. Firing a coach in the offseason and firing a coach with 10-15 games left in a season are two very different things.
  9. The wild inconsistency from game to game and even call to non call by officials is becoming such a huge issue in the NHL. It happens to most teams at one time or another of course but certain teams seem to be able to get away with a lot more. The picks and interference they were in prime position to see and still chose to not call were an embarrassment imo. Its like they are mandated to keep games close for entertainment value. And i am the last person who believes in reffing conspiracies. But at the very least they are managing the game and are incompetent.
  10. This is an excellent take on things. I see many of these same issues as well. Last nights game had several examples of how just letting the other team get the puck back in your zone can lead to high quality chances against for sure.
  11. He has played really solid the last 3 games. Got hung out to dry by letting players have time and space in the slot on pretty much every goal against vs Colorado, Columbus, and tonight. He has given the Canucks a chance to win each game thats all anyone can expect.