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  1. Ya a team would would have to really want him to squeeze him onto their 23 man roster at this time. I’d say he clears.
  2. Burmy has proven nothing at the nhl level. He looks like a real good no.1 centre in the AHL
  3. It’ll be interesting to see if Benning will stick true to his word and makes room for young guys if they play well enough. Goldy looked good with boeser tonight, but he’ll need to be better to make it. Boeser and virtanen are locks for the team at this point, but what if goldy keeps playing better well then he’s gotta be on the team too right? Like who gets pushed out? Dorsett I’m guessing sedin-sedin-goldobin baertschi-horvat-boeser vanek-gagner-virtanen granlund-sutter-Eriksson dorsett
  4. To carrel a pass in your skates at top speed is incredibly difficult the big 3 are all on the board tonight
  5. The similarities are uncanny
  6. It would help legitimize our top 6 and I would deal Hutton as part of the package in a heart beat. But I mean teams can't get a read on what Sakic wants? Like joe get your stuff together this has been months of this and you still can't hammer out a reasonable asking price? Sakic is butchering this. Great player, the worst gm in the league.
  7. I do like the lines. Putting skill with skill and gritty, pesky players together on the 4th line. sutter has all the attributes you want in a 4th line centre...except he's making 4.2m sedin-sedin-virtanen baertschi-horvat-boeser vanek-gagner-eriksson granlund-sutter-dorsett burmistrov/rodin Not sure if virtanen has the IQ to play with the sedins in their cycle but I'd like to try it.
  8. Holm needs time in the ahl to learn the North American style juolevi needs to play against men. He needs some humble pie to get better
  9. We might lose but at least it's entertaining! Goldy has been invisible so far. Hopefully he turns it around
  10. Demers likes his sunny weather sj, Dallas, Florida and now Arizona No wonder he didn't wanna come to raincouver! Side note: what is fla doing? They have no winger and d depth are they "tanking" again?
  11. under willy and you score you stay where you are in the lines or you're benched for some bs reason under green and you score you start ot and play with better players
  12. #buyers not #sellers
  13. I've liked white and virtanen tonight. Upshall looks like like he's a tad too slow to be effective but it's hella early
  14. All I care about is getting my hopes up for 1st overall and drafting eventually have to be crushed by reality once again
  15. What's the consensus on the new Canucks practice logo? I think it's pretty classy