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  1. You can tell Juolevi processes the game so well. He doesn't just stand at the point and pinch for a puck based on the coached strategy. He's constantly hovering around and going to the spot where he reads the play is going to, to provide support. The players will get used to those signature crisp cross ice passes soon.
  2. Sutter's had his good and bad moments during his tenure here. Injuries have also affected him a lot. I want to move on from him next season as well but there is no harm in recognizing that he's played well. One good game is an exaggeration, he's had many stretches of good play during his tenure here.
  3. Sutter brings some nice stability to that third line. Hope he keeps up the good play.
  4. Different viewpoint but I feel we need stronger assistant coaches. Do not have a lot of belief in Brown and Baumer.
  5. My takeaway from the game: Good: Pettersson Boeser Motte Hughes Tanev Markstrom Okay: Miller Ferland Beagle Sutter Edler Myers Fantenberg Stecher Bad: Pearson Horvat Toffoli Roussel Gaudette Personally, I’m not a big fan of having Gaudette as our 3C in games that matter, just doesn’t have a strong defensive game. I’d sub Virtanen in for Roussel and decide between Roussel or Sutter for the 4th line winger role. I’d also give Juolevi a chance instead of Fantenberg, I feel having possession outlet passes will help our attack rather than constant chips to the neutral zone or average passes. Also, good chance Ferland will be suspended so we’ll see what happens there. Time being, next game I’d go with: Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Toffoli Ferland-Sutter-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Gaudette/Roussel Hughes-Tanev Edler-Myers Juolevi-Stecher Markstrom Demko Switch Bo and Brock on the PP to have Brock on PP1.
  6. The thing that impressed me about Olli last night was his board play. He's strong on the boards and is confident enough to know when to pinch to cut a play off, especially at the neutral zone red line. Very impressive. Those stretch passes are just a thing of beauty. As long as he stays healthy this kid will be just fine.
  7. I never said we played bad, we outplayed the Jets. Exhibition games are used to analyze situations and Juolevi played better than Fantenberg.
  8. If we are going strictly based off performance, Juolevi starts over Fantenberg game 1.
  9. Surprised there's been no posts in his thread in over a year but some good progress:
  10. I doubt he's a seat warmer for Benn for two reasons. If I'm not mistaken they're in Dallas for the baby, so the time until he leaves + 2 weeks would be longer than the time until games start. Second, Fanta seems to be favourable for Green over Benn. He'll be nervous but I'm sure he'll be able to handle it once the nerves are gone. I hope he does well as well and solidifies our d core.
  11. Final scrimmage and Juolevi gets paired with Stecher while Fanta gets paired with Chatfield, is there a chance we see Juolevi play his first NHL game in the play in round?
  12. I don't even know if it creates an advantage, it's just a brutal sound to listen to. In my opinion the worst goal horn in the NHL
  13. I know it's a small detail and just having hockey back is amazing but I'm dreading the thought of hearing Edmonton's goal horn after our goals Hopefully they take a sound clip of our own goal horn
  14. Nice clip of Juolevi, able to catch up to one of the fastest skaters in Virtanen on the breakaway to throw him off, send a quick long pass to Zack and push Bo wide on the return.
  15. It's a drill for crying out loud. What context does quoting some random person's comment from the comments section have lmao. Also, even if Hughes did get Juolevi to a "turn-still" in a drill, he's done that from his first game in the NHL on long-time veterans. Just let OJ develop and hope for the best.