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Which NHL player holds the most trade value?

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Obviously a year and a half ago it would have been Sidney Crosby, he was ripping up the NHL and was the face of the NHL. Now after all of his injuries does he still have the highest trade bait? If not who else? Stamkos? Giroux? Weber?

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I'd say Stamkos, but it's really hard to be higher than Crosby, just because he's sooo good and so much better than the rest of the league.

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Since this is about which player has the highest trade value, not who is the best player in the nhl ( Crosby, Stamkos etc) I think salary is a factor, along with age, and length of contract.

The players with the highest trade value ( realistically, because we know Crosby isn't getting moved) would probably be:

1. Claude Giroux at 3.75

2. John Tavares at 5.5

3. Milan Lucic at 4

4. Corey Perry at 5.3

5.Logan Couture at 2.8

6. Alex Edler at 3.25

7. Ryan Callahan at 4.275

8.Ryan Mcdonagh at 1.3

9. Dustin Brown at 3.175

10.Cal Clutterbuck at 1.4

11. Max Pacioretty at 4.5

In no particular order after Giroux, and again not the "best" players, but some that I think would have a very high value if they were ever available.

Note- There are obviously lots more players on entry level deals that are very desirable, didn't include them because of it being highly unlikely that they get moved.

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