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  1. I think he won't be that unhappy. His dad is a defensive coach for the Manitoba Moose.
  2. Roslovic was drafted in the first round, and didn't pan out. The return was only a 3rd rounder. Sometimes players don't work out. It's just the business.
  3. Somehow we've really lost our grip as a fanbase. The posts people are making reflect a mentally ill fanbase. We've had calls for firing Benning (which really doesn't do anything at this point, a knee jerk reaction), firing Green and his assistants (probably won't happen at an instant) and some posters just repetitively drilling on the fact that Sutter, Eriksson and others could have kept Toffoli around. The reality is that the Canucks aren't just one top six winger away from a playoff spot. People love to criticize every transaction that is made by Canucks management, but are unabl
  4. This Sloan guy made some controversial comments about Dr. Tam earlier, and refused to apologize. Conservatives kept him around. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tam-sloan-china-caucus-apology-ontario-1.5550103
  5. This is really sad for a lot of people with jobs. I thought the NBC coverage for sports was good, especially during the playoffs. They called the games pretty fairly.
  6. Like every single NHL game. Overall, there's a reason why the trap isn't seen much anymore. Tampa Bay I think (could be wrong, in fact I'm sure I'll be wrong) was the last one to use it, much to the protest of the Philadelphia Flyers.
  7. I don't think it is effective nowadays. The speed of the game makes the trap obsolete
  8. It sucks because both Jones and Werenski are openly Trumpers. That's kind of distracting for a team that's not really that good. They've been spouting a lot of Qanon garbage.
  9. What is wrong with Pettersson?

    1. ImConfused


      Clearly he's overhyped and is a total bust and we should trade him for Nail Yakupov

  10. I was crapping on PLD in the other thread as kind of a joke, but he does have three 20+ goal seasons, including one 60 point season on a young CLB team.
  11. I was definitely overselling it with this thread, haha. That being said, CBJ isn't doing any better with such a star player. Small sample, but the team did fine without him.
  12. Furthermore, Pittsburgh are doing about the same as us right now. There are a few other underachieving teams and it's a small sample size. Calm the bang down.
  13. Anyone else glad that they took Dubois? Their team isn't any better than ours standing wise. I'm honestly glad Virtanen doesn't play like Dubois. Look at this UNACCEPTABLE board play.
  14. Oh well, gg. GG Julie Payette. Thanks for playing...
  15. She's a Governor General. Not to make this personal or anything, but you don't actually seem to care about that anyway
  16. I think you're forgetting what you've been observing. Teams HAVE been taking a chance on him if they keep waiving him, don't you think?
  17. Maybe we can start reminding ourselves that a 1st round pick doesn't always pan out as planned. We can whine all we want about Virtanen being an apparent bad pick, but EVERY team has had a bad pick of some sort. Boston, for crying out loud, had three first round picks, and they didn't become a powerhouse team like everyone thought they would be. If teams knew their player would turn out bad, why would they pick them? It just comes to show you that the pick selection isn't as clear cut as one might think it is. As for the people who whined about the J.T. Miller trade, where are you now?
  18. I don't quite understand why Virtanen didn't play for most of the night. He easily had his best game in a long time.
  19. Honestly though, Virtanen was not played in the second period, but I could be wrong. Green and his tough love approach is not working.
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