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  1. Just makes me wonder what they're going to do if Byram pans out and meets all the hype.
  2. Is this the first time Sakic played hardball and lost?
  3. I don't think TSN has covered the Canucks at all during their Free Agent Frenzy Show. 

    1. Dazzle


      Toronto didn't do $&!# today.

    2. PhillipBlunt


      They need to get off of Dubas' (expletive deleted) at some point. 

    3. bree2


      if i hear edmonton and ceci names anymore i am going to scream.............(here is me screaming)

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  4. Lol what? They were pretty clear about how the Sedins joined to learn about the business of the game. They even said themselves that they're coming on as "rookies." Not sure how that translates to "babysitting Jim."
  5. TSN and Sportsnet strangely quiet on this signing. Has this been confirmed? Anyone got a Tweet from Lebrun. Dreger, Friedman, etc?
  6. That's a terrible take. Why would you put any weight on commentary from our toxic radio pundits. I'll open my ears when more reputable people like Ferraro, Friedman, etc chime in.
  7. When you guys re-post this stuff, do you even understand what any of those analytics mean? Not saying I do by any means, but I'm not the one regurgitating the same thing.
  8. Has any of the big networks announced this? I noticed all Canuck signings have been verified already by TSN or Sportsnet, but this Poolman one hasn't.
  9. Jesus, I feel like the toxic negativity of the media and the Canuck fanbase is going to give this guy a hell of a time. Good luck, Tucker. Block out the noise as best you can and just play your game.
  10. Maybe Savard gave a hometown discount - he's a Quebec guy.
  11. I guess Poolman asked for additional years if the AAV was going to be brought down? Maybe he was expecting 3 mil per on the UFA market so Benning gave him a couple of years to bring it down to 2.5?
  12. Skip to 4:05 of the video below I think the toxic negativity of the media and the fanbase here is now well established on the record. It needs to stop.
  13. This move wasn't genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't understand the criticism either? We came out net neutral on Schmidt + 1 year of his service and now we have cap space. Move on haters.
  14. That's another one off the list. Schenn, Hamonic, Savard. Get 'er done JB.
  15. Looks like we're phoning up David Savard's agent in a few days then haha Regardless of whether we actually get Savard, I wonder how much he's going to go for. I've noticed some people throwing out numbers north of $5 mil...I'm not so sure about that, but I guess we'll find out.
  16. I wouldn't mind trading Schmidt for a cheaper, bottom pairing right hand D + a draft pick.
  17. Relax, I didn't miss anything. I was just making fun of how everyone's tone has changed drastically from when everyone was calling Hughes our first, legit franchise defenceman. My comments had nothing to do with disputing Hughes' play last season. Yes, it wasn't great. I know.
  18. I agree with most of the numbers people are putting out for Hughes' contract... But damn, y'all are criticizing him as if he was the defensive handicap Sbisa was a few years back. What happened to Hughes for the Calder over Makar? What happened to draft steal of the decade? Complete 180 now that contract talks are up. I guess money really does change people, even when you're a fan watching from afar
  19. Ohhh no. Here we go. Is this thread going to get hijacked?
  20. People were hating on you because you extrapolated his agent's comments to a hyperbolic extreme. I'm sure you're right, the trade makes Bo happy, but it still doesn't make your misinterpretation correct.
  21. Catching the last bits of the 1st round. Wish I watched the entire thing after seeing Jackie Redmond interview each prospect
  22. 96% of COVID-19 cases are among those not fully vaccinated, B.C. health officials say https://globalnews.ca/news/8056167/new-covid-cases-not-fully-vaccinated/ “If you take all the cases from June 15 to July 15, 78 per cent of those cases are among those who are unvaccinated,” Adrian Dix said.
  23. Friedman made a good point: Hamilton, Martinez, Suter are guys that probably go first before Schmidt, so there still might be some more waiting to do (if anything even happens).
  24. Right handed D, right handed D, right handed D... Right handed D
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