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  1. Markstrom gave this team a huge amount of confidence, look how he played for the Flames last night, that is now gone. TT added confidence to the offense, Tanev to the defense, it's tough for young team to overcome all 3. As good as NH has been, not one of those 3 has been replaced, no one has really stepped up to that level. It might simply be too big of a step back for them to overcome. My concern is, how much lasting damage will this cause, still of the opinion the JB should have paid the price to move a contract or two and then he could have kept things moving forward.
  2. So I saw on twitter that the Canucks lost in practice today 6-1, but I'm still hopeful things will improve!!
  3. My own feeling is that the guys have a bit of a hangover from last years run, combined with dealing with the loss of Marky, Tanev and TT. The game we played against the Jets is how we should be playing but the team switch hasn't been thrown yet to get back to that game. I do expect that will happen, just hasn't happened yet.
  4. I think our defense can be much better than last year, just need a few games to play together, give it a bit of time.
  5. Not sure if this has been posted.
  6. Look at this comparison and Ontario isn't doing well compared to BC, yet look at the difference. In addition, look at the number of meat processing plants that are shutting down, both here and in the US, putting a strain on the supply chain. It only gets worse and worse if it remains unchecked. There's no need to argue stupid here, anyone can see what's happening. Here's the report on the strain on the supply chain.
  7. There are some quack doctors saying stupid things out there, the difference between what's happening in BC compared to NY is huge, it's obvious for anyone who has eyes.
  8. This is the tipping point that makes it real in the US, yikes.
  9. And now there's this:
  10. That said, chloroquine is not without side-effects, including headaches, dizziness and stomach problems up to and including diarrhea. All of which would be preferable to dying of coronavirus. Meanwhile, US physicians aren't waiting for the trial results - as prescriptions for choloroquine have surged from 531 weekly prescriptions to 1,290, according to recent tracking data from IQVIA, cited by Raymond James (via BI). The drug has become so popular that the UK has added both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine to a list of drugs which cannot be exported for fear that there will be a shortage in the country. Early reports of success should be 'taken seriously' according to Italian scientist Andrea Savarino, who has worked at the Italian National Institute of Health since 2006. During the 2003 outbreak of SARS — also a coronavirus — Savarino showed in laboratory research that chloroquine may be a useful weapon against it. But by the time his research was published in The Lancet in November 2003, the outbreak had dissipated and there were no human cases available to test. "There has been a number of press releases, unfortunately not yet papers, but even the local experiments are things that should be taken seriously," Savarino told Business Insider. "Chloroquine plus the HIV inhibitors has produced interesting results, at least curative results, both in China and Australia." -Business Insider Another drug which has shown significant promise for COVID-19 is Avigan, which has shown to shorten COVID-19 infections from 11 days to 4, as well as drop fever in patients from 4.2 days to 2.5 days after treatment is started. This is good news!! As much as there are many labs working on a vaccine for coronavirus there have also been lots working on a treatment, which would hold us over until a vaccine is ready. There was a story on, I believe it was Global, the other day about a company that was using an AI to search for a single molecule that would kill the virus, but it would of course be best if a drug already available does the trick. Even if it isn't a cure, anything to reduce the outbreak would be great!
  11. Keep in mind, if you have symptoms you can also call your doctor, they can also help.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted but a Canadian lab has replicated the coronavirus which is the first step in creating a vaccine.