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  1. This would be the way to go! Also have to address the toughness, would be nice to have someone who can stand up to Reeves, although how many can. I think Coleman would thrive with that group of forwards, many line combinations would work, but there are options other than Coleman.
  2. JB had to make the team better for self preservation! He also had to do it for the good of the team, can't just have the team tread water for another year, it's not good for the young guys! He clears the bad contracts, brings in 2 good players, Seth Jones signed for $9.5M, so OEL is over $2M less, what else was there out there that would have allowed him to clear the contracts?! He'll now make another couple of deals, clear some more cap, sign EP40 and Hughes, and then add some more pieces, something like that. This really had to happen.
  3. It's interesting, if he can still play, we'd have to remember not to boo every time he touched the puck. I think Coleman would be a great fit here, but there are many options.
  4. The Kent Johnson highlights on Global have looked very good.
  5. If they can't find someone else, we do need someone to ride shotgun against teams like Vegas.
  6. OK, forgot to do this!! The Habs have no chance, Tampa 4 straight, now they have a shot!!
  7. Hey! I said they had no chance and picked Vegas 4 straight and that's all they needed!!! Go Habs!!!
  8. I was a huge fan of the French Connection back in the day, and my oldest brother also knew Roger Crozier back when he played for the Sabres.
  9. OK, so I don't think the Habs have a chance and me saying so might just give them one!!
  10. Is anyone else going to require resuscitation if we win??
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