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  1. Good news!! Get it done and head into the season firing on all cylinders!!
  2. Trump signed the surrender and handed over the country to the Taliban, the Afghan army was bought off!! The moment it was signed both the Afghan government and the eventual withdrawal had already been completely undermined!! https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2021/aug/16/bribery-detailed-in-afghans-fall/
  3. I will look for the series, what I've seen thus far it's on channels I don't get, will keep looking. I would think that the current state of this world might lead someone watching us to conclude, that's about enough of the humans.
  4. And I will always believe that if that game 7 hadn't been delayed by the one day, that team would have won the cup, that delay saved the Rangers collective butts!! So to me they are the team that came closest to winning it all, they should have won that series!!
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