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  1. I thought it was interesting that as soon as they didn't sign Tram they rolled out Rathbone, who looks very good.
  2. This off season will be make or break it for JB, that's how it appears to me.
  3. This season needs to end! This is getting to be sO painful!!
  4. I was big on bringing PK here in the past, but I don't think that works now, rather do the above.
  5. They are talking, so hopefully he goes in the mix, I'm good at $2-3M per.
  6. My aunt and uncle in Alberta got it stawns, he didn't make it, really hope you get better!! I would hope that with all the people who have long term effects they pour a lot of money into understanding and reversing the effects!!!
  7. This is not OK, if players aren't ready to come back and are forced to play, that's when injuries can happen. I just feel we can't be done with this season quickly enough!!!
  8. The jury is out, next season will tell the tale IMO, didn't like the Pearson signing. Hope we sign Tram, then Pod comes in next year, maybe we draft a 1st who can play. Just seems the waters have gotten a bit muddied after last seasons playoff success.
  9. This is completely unfair and inappropriate!! Too bad it's so long until the next election!
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