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  1. I'm hungry but I have no food in my house and keep putting off going to get groceries because I'm terrified (and have no means to order them online).

    Expired Ichiban here I come!

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    2. Petey_BOI


      you can still order online with visa debit, with the majority of stores. (i  use save on foods)


      just be aware you will pay a picker fee, which is built into the cost of the food. roughly 15% more

      and the delivery fee as well. between 4-8$


      so for a 200$ order your paying about 34-38$ (well worth the money during covid times, especially if you have ways to earn money with the time you saved).


      PS: the first time I ordered online it was very tricky to  get the hang of it, and you will save a  whack of time if you have a list.

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      sorry big casino, i'll bend over and you can give me a good swift kick.

    4. goalie13


      Agree with @Petey_BOI, Visa Debit is awesome.  You can use it online like a credit card but it just takes the money direct from your account.

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