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  1. Congratulations the to NHL for putting on an incredibly well organized tournament. Just goes to show how high we hold our standards compared to other leagues.
  2. Boeser, Virtanen 1st and 2nd for Ekblad would probably be the asking price. Do that and add Dillon in the off season. Re sign Toffoli. Boom.
  3. Makes me proud to be a hockey fan. A lot of money poured into this with no fan revenue. The NHL takes care of their players like no other.
  4. The NHL has done an incredible job these playoffs. Kudos to Daley and Bettman (still don’t like you Buttman). Just goes to show how elite the NHL is compared to other top leagues.
  5. Best thing about this series is 2 ex Kelowna rockets will get to lift the cup. Hope Benn takes it home to Victoria.
  6. How’s that CERB payment treating you
  7. You all voted for Trudeau and it shows
  8. Lol nah man. The left tends to believe everything the media tells them.
  9. I work 12 hours a day. The left is so easy to get going lol