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  1. #Free Tiger who is shamu who is Canuckman who is Mr.DirtyDangles, samirjaver, Gooseberries, KoreanHockeyFan, people please, D.Doughty, Google, Me_, tonlin, DeNiro, CANUCK-EXPRESS, StevenStamkos, Pears, meh_wassup, î мцšт вяздк чфµ, J529, WonderTwinPowers, LeanBeef, Alex the Great, blaise, CanuckianOne, kodos, Papayas, Yahoo, samurai, steve french, oldnews, Ride the red Pony, canucklax, _arby_18, sarcastro, sting, Runn...

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    2. Zoolander


      Pears? Really? I feel like Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street....

    3. Zoolander


      "You brought us Taco Bell.."

    4. kj29


      Out of curiosity, what did Tiger do to make him so well-known on CDC? Was it one thing he did? I know he was a troll, but was that it?

      I have been a user here on CDC for quite a while but enough to notice Tiger. Not until I started to read more topics and statuses that I soon realized this "Tiger Singh" dude that everybody kept chattering about, so I don't know much about him, even to this day.

      So if anybody could clear that up for me that'd be great! Thanks!

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