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  1. Really? I mean REALLY! So take the 2 words "F" "you". You can say it with many different tones, inflexions One can be a statement of anger, one a question, one of humor, and one a statement of passion, etc..... If I am understanding your argument.........then I disagree with you
  2. For a 1st pre-season game it was ok! Thoughts of the game 1. Not a bad win when your leading scorer is away 2. Boeser was shooting rockets 3. Edler played well 4. Holtby not responsible for 2 of those goals.......solid game 5. Gaudette pretty decent game (no big defensive gaps) 6. Schmidt came as advertised 7. Hamonic played well considering the circumstances 8. I thought Myers played well 9. Great play by Huggie on Boeser 2nd goal.........Orrish, especially because he was tripped!!!!!! 10. Hoglander's offensive game is top 6......I really like how he used his Dmen (Lots) 11. Hoglander......nice passes, high energy 12. Hoglander.....needs to bear down defensively (he will see when he sees the replays) 13. Clutch early goal by Horvat 14. Pearson had a great game 15. Juolevi played pretty good overall (a work in progress, but he looks smart!) 16. Nice to see the PK do so well 17.......They have to get a better play by play guy.......I mean they really have to! 18. I teared up on the Moss video...what a character....made me smile! That's it....great to have hockey back!