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  1. I am not concerned either way with Benning's trading of past picks. When Benning got here, he had a old talented club with absolutely no prospects Most of the core had NTC's, and they have now run their course My main complaint is not being able to, or refusing to move the NTC's before they walked I know I will get huge heat for suggesting the Sedin's should have been moved, so let's move past them Because they have retired But the inability to recognise that he could not or would not resign, Markstrom, Tanev, Toffoli and
  2. I think Tampa sort of dis-spelled that therory, Jimmy IMO,. if they are lighting fast...pardon the pun, and aggresive, I don't think it matters too much.......guys like Garland and Gallagher put that to rest. You certainly can not have a full team of smurfs, but a couple does not worry me too much, especially if the bigger guys on the team, answer any intimination..... But you certainly have to have a mix, that is for sure.
  3. Yes, and it is not like I do not love Quinn's talents..........incredible, but he has alot to learn.
  4. I think you are comparing apples and oranges Take a look at Tyson Barrie (48 pts +4) this last year vs Quinn Hughes (41 pts -24) and Krug to a lesser degree Both of these players are very comparable to Hughes, in size and play Barrie just signed a 3 years @ $4,500,000 per year and Krug signed a 7 year @ $6,500,000. IMO, these guys are much more comparable to Hughes Current abilities and value Hughes is a step down from Fox, Makar and Heiskanen and should be paid as such............. The way for Quinn to counter that is wit
  5. Quinn is exciting 5 on 4, during our PP Defensively, he is a train wreck, that can not maintain position against larger opponents His 2nd contract should be around 5.5 for 3 years That gives him 3 years to develop his defense, so that he can have a big contract.
  6. I am not trying to crap on your opinion But I honestly think there will be a resuffling of the Dmen we have I think that there will be guys that play on the PP more than others...aka Quinn Hughes But at even strength, Hughes will get reduced minutes, especially becaue we have OEL who won't get as many PP minutes but will get more even strength minutes than Quinn This leads me to Rathbone, and Juolevi, both of whom I believe play better even strength than Hughes Sooooo.........I feel Hughes will get his 4 minutes a game of PP and about 14 minutes
  7. Good catch! LOL That is what happens with too many beer and the hot sun! It was a good day of golf.......that is my story! LOL
  8. Regarding the defense our Left side looks very strong to me and if our rightside compliments our left they do not have to be as strong It will have more to do with finding who plays better with who, than anything............ If Green can find that out, we will be on our way! Here is to hoping! Fingers crossed!
  9. This team is easily deaper and should be much better But unfortunately, the game is played on ice not paper So let's wait and see how it all pans out during the season Benning should be applauded for his efforts through this Certainly, this gives Rathbone and Podkolzin alot of support that Hughes and Pettie did not have when they started I am quite happy with the moves, now let's see what they have Proof is in the pudding! But I am happy with the moves!
  10. In breaking news, Toronto Maple Leafs, searching for a big man, sign Eugene Jumpoff, as a starting center. Eugene has spent several years with the New Jersey Nets, of the NBA In a statement by GM Kyle Dumbass, he is quoted as say. "We wanted a big man who could get to some of these loose pucks." In another statement, Dumbass was heard saying, "We were suprised that he was still available for us to sign"
  11. Buffalo retained all picks in the deal, which is why you never see them
  12. Except he never played with Eichel.......lol Well, maybe somewhere, but I could not find it
  13. I don't know much about the player But you guys are getting me excited Let's hope!
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