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  1. I don't know Jim, in the big picture you are probably right, but................ Do you honestly think we are a playoff team this year? I think Jim's opinion was based on us competing with San Jose, LA, Arizona, Anaheim, and Calgary, half of which are in rebuilds IMO, that is a false position, as at the time, these were some of the worse teams in the league. When we beat St. Louis and pretty much played Vegas to a draw, it was pretty much goaltending. Do you think we are a playoff team right now? Again, if Aqualini think
  2. Yeah, the guys above think its too long as well. I get it. I might been too exuberant on the years
  3. Fair question I really have problems with their assistant coaches, and as Green is in charge of them, and Benning is in charge of Green, well, it begs the question Why are they still here? Sure, mid-season is not the time, but the being is, and if they were happy last year, then I have a problem with that......way too many too many men calls, and lack of proper time allocation. To the point of ridiculous at times. So we will see, but I am sure not a fan. Green meh? Talks a good talk.
  4. Oh, who the hell knows? LOL But if I am picking a guy to take away that pressure off of Horvat, and be a physical force, I want a guy like Lowry Tampa has Point at $6,750,000, Cirelli at 4,800,000 and Gourde at $5,166,666 and that is pre-covid numbers, so I would be in support of a higher paid 3rd line center as long as he is good. Lowry has always impressed me. So, I would support 4.25 to 4.50 for Lowry X 5 or 6....not sure Winnipeg would go there with Copp on the wing, needing a new contract
  5. I think the answer for me, is Lowry, as I think he can give us hard minutes. Can Sutter do that and stay heathy? History say not.
  6. I think I will slide over to the OJ thread and read a little about Rathbone..............
  7. Well, Benning has stated that we will be entering the next phase of team's development in 2 years, and we should be pushing for a playoff spot. Now, I am not entirely sure, but I thought he had previously said that about next year, a couple of years back............I could be wrong, but I remember something to that effect. Further more, IMO, I think there will be several very important decisions to make over this and next summer, one being Horvat's contract, and the second being Schmidt's age, ignoring Myers age and contract completely. The reason I bring up Schmidt, is that, altho
  8. I don't mind the premise, but I am cheap.so, I would like to revise it a little........... Eriksson to Detroit for DiPietro, Virtanen and 2022 2nd IMO, it serves multiple issues, including reducing Virtanen's cap hit And for all those DiPietro lovers out there .................sorry, I just don't think he will pan out, or maybe more to the point, he is replaceable.
  9. You Sir, are absolutely correct, and I am in error! Thank you for pointing out my "MISTAKE" lol........seriously Thanks! I did actually know he was still under contract, but somehow, in my small mind, I translated it into RFA and this year....... I did notice after posting that Laughton had re-signed......he must like Phili, he could have got more If I had a choice of remaining players, I would go after them in this order Lowry, Paul, and then Wenneberg, but would gladly take any of them as a 3rd line center............. From the way Lowry is being
  10. I agree But there are instances where it is hard to monitor So key strokes are monitored, phone time monitored, etc It certainly is a wide open discussion with new technologies coming on line.
  11. Yeah, just don't think management like kind of thing............regardless of who in the family says it I could be totally off base......just a thought
  12. Just a thought, but Did not Gaudette's wife say somethings on social media.......I just remember something to that effect And if you remember Greens reaction to McEwen's moms comments on Social media.................. Maybe the organization would prefer no to have those types of distractions around? Just a thought!
  13. This "May" be a signal that Motte is being penciled on to the 3rd line LW for next year. IMO, sure Gaudette has higher pedigree, but where does he fit in the bottom 6 ? IMO, again, he is not big enough to fight through the checks, not does he have the grit needed I like Gaudette, but I don't see him on the 1/2 lines, where he might excell To me, its a pfff trade......... It also makes me believe Virtanen is not going anywhere soon........... This trade is like drinking cold tea...............I could care less
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