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W C S F: (3) Phoenix Coyotes Vs (4) Nashville Predators

Who will win the Series?  

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NSH in 6. The Preds are on their way to the SCF. PHX won't be able to beat Rinne like they were able to beat Crawford. NSH has a great D and they still haven't played Hall Gill in the playoffs yet. He's another great shut down guy that is expected to be back soon.

Only the Blues have a chance against the Preds mostly because of the 3 C's on the Blues. All 6.3'+ and 220 lbs+. Backes, Arnott and Berglund are monsters down the middle.

STL is the only team that will give NSH some trouble. But I think the NSH defense is capable of handling them.

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What's wrong with goaltending battles? To each their own I guess, but I love goalie battles much more than high scoring games. Philly/Pits series was fun, but who cares about the goals when people are scoring as if the net is empty anyway.

Goalies all the way. Both teams deserve this one, not even sure who to cheer for.

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Guest BuckFoston

Like, oh em gee... everything is gonna be like, soooo booooooring u guys!

Grow up folks, these are great hardworking teams that advanced and there are plenty of people who will be excited to watch the games. These are not trash matchups, they don't have garbage players. Show some respect hockey "fans."

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Predators don't have the obvious edge that people are assuming - they are big and physical but not exactly a team that can score at will - Phoenix can be equally stifling and has as much scoring punch - they will give the Preds all they can handle - Coyotes in seven

p.s. not sure what the Yotes have to do with the Nordiques...

Jets = Yotes

Nordiques = Avalanche

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