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Draft War: Canucks Vs. Predators


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I literally spent hours doing this 2 days ago lol. Not comparing these two teams, just on Wikipedia looking through Canucks drafts from 1995 on to 2011. More so to see how certain picks in certain spots became.

Very interesting read when you compare though.

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But nobody said Grabner and Hodgson were bad picks. Whomever you quoted merely pointed out that the others have panned out to be *even better*.

And that's the bottom line when it comes to assessing draft picks: there's no point in talking about their "draft day potential" anymore because ALL the picks on draft day must have had SOME potential to be selected that high. It's how they eventually pan out that separates the good-drafting teams from the bad ones.

Grabner had super-star potential, if he stayed with the Canucks and developed properly through our system he would have easily ended up to be a 30-40 goal scorer.

Hodgson is a future point-per-game player, he possibly could have been next season if he stole ice time away from Kesler while playing with quality Canucks wingers on an offensive team. Instead he's burried on the 2nd line in Buffalo with average wingers and a poor offensive team.

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When all your players end up in Philly, then what difference does it make when you have good drafting?

What, does everyone think Radulov's staying one second longer in Nashville than he has to? And how about Suter?

Nashville is making a big push this year because doom is on the horizon. Cheers.


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