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Henrik Samuelsson

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what do you guys think of this guy? he is the son of the famous Ulf Samuelsson. he plays like his dad. hits hard, works hard, big body, except he is a forward.

he plays in the WHL for the edmonton oil kings. over a ppg in the playoffs currently. could be a milan lucic type.

i wouldn't mind seeing the canucks use their 1st round pick on him. a little high, maybe, but gillis and co like their swedes and he will for sure be gone by the early second round. maybe we can trade down?

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he looks like a hell of a player from what i seen in the memorial cup so far.. seems to have hands and playmaking ability.

i think these guys that play over the edge in junior but show hockey sense and skill are more than worth taking a chance on, even using a high draft pick because the upside they have is huge. looking at our situation, if we develop kassian into a good player then he is going to be the perfect mentor to this kid. if kassian busts (i dont think he will) we still have another solid power forward with an edge prospect.. if both of them pan out to their potential then we will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

when is he projected to go in the draft?

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