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Liking 2 Teams

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Before I start, I would like to say that I will ALWAYS be a Canucks fan, nothing can and will never change that. I just love this team. But watching some other teams this playoffs, I have really enjoyed watching the Capitals. They're such an exciting group, kicking out those d*** Bruins, and potentially the best in the East (Rangers), makes them awesome to watch. I literally cheered and screamed when they won against the Rangers in game 6. Is it possible to like both these teams, Canucks and Capitals? As I said before, I still live the Canucks, I'm not bandwagoning, I just really love watching the Caps as well.

Do any of you guys like two teams? If so, who?


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Guest BuckFoston

Canucks, Preds, Yotes, Flyers, Rangers, Lightning. It's ok to like more than 1 team, it's even ok to like more than 2. There are a lot of exciting players out there and plenty of good hockey to be watched. Hell, even the Bruins are great to watch, but it is really icing on the cake of they lose.

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for me, it's not really about liking whole teams... well except for my two favorites (Wild and Pens.) After those two, it all depends on several factors;

-how well do I like the goalie?

-how well do I like any other 1 player beside the goalie?

-do I hate anyone on the team?

The nice thing about that, is that I can always find a team to cheer for... or against. For example; tonight's game 7... I'll pull for the Rangers since I like Lundqvist.

now to answer the next question (if the Pens and Wild are my favs.. why am I here?) I was a big fan of Nas, and then the Nucks drafted Schroeder (whom I've been a fan of since seeing him play as an 8th grader.)

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