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Happy Birthday Markus Naslund!

-Vintage Canuck-

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I hope he has an amazing day.

Serious inspiration that man is. This guy is the perfect role model.

.. well he was for me. Its like the more confidence he had in himself as the years went on, the more confidence i had in Myself, incidentally.

Thank you markus and happy birthday.

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I know it's not exactly the same...

But if we were to make it to the SCF again, we should do something like what the Bruins did

Game 1/3 = Naslund

Game 2/4 = Bertuzzi (If we're allowed..)

Game 5/6 = Smyl

Game 7 = Linden (Bringing out the big guns..)

But if were up like 3-2 and it's Game 6 at home, bring out Linden. The building would go absolutely nuts

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