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Good Scary Movies


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The month of October is coming up and I think everyone knows what that means...

If you don't, then it means that it is almost Halloween and it is the time for people to start watching scary movies.

I plan on watching 1-2 scary movies every week, but I need help finding good ones.

I need some REAL scary movies! I was not scared by The Ring or by The Grudge so don't recommend those. I have yet to see The Shinning though.

What movies scared you?

List scary movies that you enjoy or were scared by.

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The Ward, comes on all the time on the movie channels, can't watch it after the 1st time I got halfway through it, that zombie woman creeps the living daylights out of me, women zombies and ghost scare me much much more than if it was a male, I dont know why, and I love horror movies! Tells you how freaky it is

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They have all those "top ## horror movies" lists for a reason.

If you're just going to ask a blanket question like "good scary movies?", you might as well use google. If you have a few movies you liked and wondered if anyone knew of any similar ones that you might not have thought of, then this might be a good place to ask.

For one that not everyone knows but I liked, try The Descent.

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