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What would be your idea for a 30/30 episode

Black Mountain

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A friend and I were talking about the lockout and he said that he thinks the whole thing going back to 94-95 04/05 to now would be a intresting 30/30. I think it would intresting seeing the player changing their leadership group how Linden took the fall for the players when all he cared about was the game and the fans.

Here are some other ideas for episodes:

- The steriod era in all sports not just baseball. "the pressure to be great"

- The Mike Danton David Frost saga. "really strange story would make a great episopde"

- Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather "the fight that never happened"

- Tiger Woods "fall from grace"

- Highly touted first round picks that ended up being busts "alex daigle ryan leaf kwame brown matt bush"

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It's "30 for 30".

And sadly, the only Canuck-related that may garner enough attention to warrant such treatment would surround the Bertuzzi-Moore incident, and all that transpired from it. But even that won't happen until the ending is written and the case is finally closed/settled.

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What about soccer/football stories?

I'd love an indepth analysis of the Italian match fixing scandal, but I'm not sure from whose perspective the film would best work.

What about the Zidane headbutt?

Maradonna's Hand of God? (probably been over-analyzed to death)

The Busby Babes / Munich air disaster, where 10+ Manchester United players and staffers were killed when the team's plane had to stop in Munich for re-fueling after a match.

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its a good series. Each one I've seen has been good. Here is a few that I thought were interesting

Into the wind - Terry fox story steve nash directed i think

9.79* - story of the 88 mens 100 m final

You don't know bo - Bo Jackson story

Gretzky's tears - story of his trade from Edmonton. they were crocodile tears

For sure the Bert / Moore story could be one

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