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Anderson Silva KO'D!

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This seems too fishy. Every fighter saying Weidman would be the guy to beat Silva.

I definitely think they have an agreement in place which is why he is already talking rematch.

Silva looked like he didn't even care post fight because he was promised a rematch probably before they even fought.

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Seemed a little fishy to me. The way Anderson was talking to his corner all huddled before the fight, and how all he talked about after was visiting his family. Saying Weidman is the best and he's going to see his family and that he doesn't want to fight for titles anymore. Seems like he possibly threw the match.

Even if he didn't though, good on Weidman. Silva was bobbing and weaving a little too much and got caught. I don't know though, he got caught a little too perfectly. Not sure why Anderson put his head so lined up to Weidman's left side.

Anderson didn't even care about the loss.

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