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Mike Gillis Best/Worst moves


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Searched the forums and didn't really find a topic like this, I apologise right now if a thread like this has already been made.

Mike Gillis gets flamed alot on this board, but what are the best/worst moves he has done as a gm of thsi franchise over the years he's been here?

In my opinion he has made some great and some bad decisions.

The best moves

1. Signing of Hamhuis, our most important d in my opinion.

2. Signing of Ehrhoff(regardless of what happened when his contract expired, we couldn't match the offer the Sabres offered him)

3. Signing of Demitra, this signing showed that big names wanted to sign here.

4. Finding Tanev, Tanev was under the radar for many teams and MG just went and picked him up. (he just has to re-sign him...)

5. Are many split opinions on this one but Sundin signing. I believe he was a major factor in Keslers development. and at that moment we hade the cap space to sign him at that salary.

6. Signing Manny Malhotra, he was a key component in the 10/11 season, just so unlucky with the injury.

The worst moves

1. The whole Luongo/Schneider controversy that he put on the team, after all that we only ended up with a 9th overall pick and a pissed off Luongo

2. Grabner + 1st for Ballard. Looked ok at the moment, but we had just signed Hamhuis for a top four role, and ballard simply aint a bottom pair d-man. Meanwhile Grabner has developed into a solid top 6 forward, and is one of the fastest skaters in the game. I guess Gillis was considering either Raymond or Grabner for this trade and if we look at it know, Grabner > Raymond. And who know that would have happend with the 1st round pick if we still had it. can't remember who Florida picked with the pick though.

3. Hodgson + Sulzer for Kassian + Gragnani. It might be that Hodgson really wanted to leave, but I really didn't like what MG said to the media after the trade, shows little respect to the players on the organisation. And it didn't send a good message to players who might want to come here in the future.

4. Letting Torres walk, Torres was a force of nature when he was on his game. and the rumours says he tried to trade for him at this years deadline, which just shows how big of a mistake it was to let him walk.

5. This one might just be me but Connauton + 2nd for Roy. Just a bad move IMO, Roy was not the player we needed at the moment and Roy had close to no impact what so ever in the playoffs. So we basically just gave away a decent prospect and a valuable pick in a deep draft for a bad short-term solution.

That's my take on Gillis, you will probaly disagree and agree at some points.


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Best - Trading next to nothing for Ehrhoff

Hamhuis and Garrison WANTED to play in Vancouver. Any GM could of signed him. So I'm not giving MG credit for those signings.

Worst - NTC's














were all given NTCs. (** = Limited NTC)

IMO, only The twins, Hamhuis, and Bieksa should have them.

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Best move was definitely trading for Ehrhoff (not signing). We gave up almost nothing and got a premier scoring defenseman.

Worst in hindsight was probably the Ballard deal. The first rounder is what hurts most to me (given that Grabner would've been put on waivers anyway)

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Was Demitra a big name when he signed him? Seems to me his career was already washed up by that point and Gillis simply rewarded a former client with some big dollars.

Tanev was "found" by Dave Gagner, a family friend.

And I still don't understand how 4 months of a well past his best before date Sundin had much of any impact on player development. We were so lucky he didn't bite on the 2 year $20 Million our GM offered.

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Trading the future captain for an inconsistent guy who shows up for 5 games making everyone think he's god.



Trading Schneider, keeping lu

Not signing Torres


Sundin 20 mil 2 yrs

Drafting Schroeder

I could go on ferever

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I actually think Gillis could do no wrong until the 2011 Summer. That's when I think when his reputation started to sour. Regardless, I still trust him and I'm happy the goalie situation is mostly resolved. The way that was handled gets my vote for worst move. He's made some great signings though. The players we let walk weren't really Gillis' fault, we just didn't have the money. Anyways, the past is the past and I like where this team is going especially since we finally have a good prospect pool again

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