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Mafia: Propaganda


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Welcome to

MAFIA: Propaganda




Basically, Mafia is a game that is played over a few days. People need to sign-up before we begin game play, and no one may join once a game is in progress.

[if you missed the deadline, or if there is not enough room, please wait until the next registration.]


Mafia: Just be careful who you trust. They might save you or they might kill you.

Everyone that's signed up for the game will receive a role. Roles will be sent out via Private Messages (PM). If you do not get a PM stating your role, you are regular Townsperson (TP).


Townspeople (TP): eliminate all mafia.

Yakuza/Triad Mafia: eliminate all TP and the sheriff as well as the other mafia team

Serial Killer: Kill Everybody and be the last person standing.

In the case that there is equal number of TP and Mafia left, Mafia will be declared the winner, unless the serial killer is still kicking around!


The game is played in Rounds. Here's the layout of each round.

Yakuza/Triad Mafia:

Yur team's goal is to eliminate the mafia team, as well as eliminate all TPs and Serial Killers.

The Mafia can communicate with each other via, PM, E-Mail, IM or whatever means they chose. Each Mafia members must send in their votes to T-Rex before 10:30PM PST.

In the case of a tied vote, no murder will commence.

MAFIA NOTE: Please direct all votes to T-Rex via PM.

Yakuza/Triad Mafia Kingpin:

The Kingpin is allowed one investigation every 2 rounds. The first investigation cannot happen on the first night The Kingpin does not possess any other abilities and if the sheriff investigates the kingpin, it will return as Mafia.

The Vigilante: The goal of Vigilante is to eliminate all Mafia members. For each 24 hours, the Vigilante is allowed to submit one person to be killed off. However, IF the doctor so happens to protect the player that the Vigilante attempts kills, then no murder will take place.

VIGILANTE NOTE: Please direct all killings to T-Rex930 via PM.

The Sheriff: The goal of the Sheriff is to uncover as many mafia members as he/she can. For every 24 hours, the Sheriff is allowed to submit 1 name to be investigated STARTING ON THE FIRST NIGHT. Meaning that the Sheriff must PM T-Rex the person that he/she chooses to investigate and the GM will reply with whether or not the player is a member of the mafia. If the Sheriff investigates Doctor or Vigilante, the investigation results will show the actual result.

SHERIFF NOTE: Please direct all investigations to T-Rex via PM.

The Doctor: The goal of the doctor is to attempt to save the innocent. Due to the fact that the doctor not knowing who the Mafia is targeting, it is pretty much a blind guess for the doctor at the start of the game. The Doctor can also choose to save themselves, in case they believe that they are the target. The Doctor may attempt to save themselves only twice per game.

DOCTOR NOTE: Please direct all saves to T-Rex930 via PM.

The Serial Killer: Kill everyone but yourself.

Serial Killer NOTE: Please direct all kills to T-Rex930 via PM.

The Twinblade: The Twinblade is probably the most controversial role in the game of Mafia. He will be have the ability of the Vigilante, Serial Killer, or the Mafioso -- the ability to kill -- at the cost of his/her own life. Using this ability wisely can not only ensure a Townspeople victory, but the one wielding the power can also be hailed a hero. Doctor saves have no affect on the Twinblade's target.

Limitations: Using this ability poorly, though, could cost the Townspeople the game. Once the Twinblade uses their ability, they will be out of the game (since they're... dead).

Twinblade NOTE: Please direct all kills to T-Rex930 via PM.

The Medic Kit: The Medic Kit is an inanimate, moveable object in the game. When the game is started, the Kit will be tossed to a random player. This player will need to toss the Kit to someone else in the game for the new Round. Two names will need to given to the GM of the game by the end of the Round and one of those names given will be taken at random. That player will have the Kit for the new Round AFTER Nightfall.

For example:


Player A starts off the with Medic Kit in Round 1. He gives two names to the GM (Player B and Player C), and a name is taken by random (B was chosen). B will be given the Kit for Round 2 and is NOT protected during the Nightfall of Round 1 (A is). Instead, B will be protected during the Nightfall between Rounds 2 and 3.

Limitations: The Kit must travel to TWO other players before it can go back to the original player of the "chain." A player is not allowed to "keep" the Kit for the round (aka not tossing the Kit.)

Player A -> Player B -> Player C -> Player A


Player A -> Player B -> Player A

If the Kingpin investigates a player holding the Medic Kit, they will be shown as Special. If, by chance, one of the targets was killed off by the Mafia/Serial Killer/Vigilante/Lynch (aka Player A), the other player (Player cool.gifwill automatically receive the Kit. If, by chance, both of the targets were killed off before the Kit could be passed, the Kit will be taken out of the game.

If the person with the Medic Kit chooses a player that is still suffering from the "cooldown" of the Kit as one of the two names, the other player will receive the Kit automatically.

If the person with the Medic Kit is lynched, the Medic Kit will be taken out of the game.

The Townspeople (TP): The goal of the TP is to eliminate all Mafia members. Please put your vote directly on the forum in one of the following formats:

Vote [player name]

and if you want to vote another player:

UNVOTE [previous voted player] VOTE [new voted player]

Any votes not in accordance with the format specified above, will not be tallied. Please make sure to bold your vote.

TOWN PEOPLE NOTE: Please vote within the forum. No PMs are necessary to hosts unless there are any questions regarding game play.

After the GMs have tallied all votes, we will announce the day's happenings. If the doctor happens to save someone, we will announce that the mafia or vigilante attempted murder but the player was saved.

The Game will go on until the Townspeople are left, or the Mafia team is left.

Each round ends at 1030PM PST. And the next round begins immediately. All votes must be in before 10PM. Any votes after 1030PM will be carried over to next round. I will try my best to post results within the 30 minutes after all voting is closed. 

The Rules:


1) Once you've been killed off, please do not interfere with the game. Don't post in debates and loan your opinion to people (In PM or in this thread!) Please stay honest as this is how we make the game fun for everyone.

2) If things begin to get personal, and T-Rex feels that things that were said should not have been said, we will hand out warnings. After 1 warning, if you receive another, you will be suspended for the next game.

3) Please stay active. If you sign up, that means you want to play. If you do not vote at least once every 48 hours, you will be killed off for inactivity, and possibly suspended for one game. (At the discretion of the GM.)

4) Screenshots - If anyone is caught posting screen shots of any form whether in PM, email, IM or ANYTHING. That player will be banned from next game.

5) Last Words - Players that are killed by Mafia or Vig do NOT get last words. Only players that are HUNG do. Please keep it to under 30 words!

6) Killing Timelines:

-Hanging comes first. This happens at the end of the day

-During the night, Mafia kills take precedence; then Vigilante kills; then any other kills. Doctor saves will be valid for all; however, the Doctor can only save a person once, so if another killer targets the person as well, that person will be saved once and then killed.

7) Do NOT invite Hosts to private conversations, UNLESS it is extremely necessary. ie. Showing the use of screen shots or inappropriate behavior within PMs.

Additional Notes:

Standard Special Roles

Mafia: 1 Killing every round.

Kingpin: 1 investigation every 2 rounds

Doctor: 1 Save every round. (Can only save self twice though out game)

Sheriff: 1 Investigation every round.

Vigilante: 1 Kill every round.

Serial Killer: 1 Kill everyround.

Town People: 1 Hanging based on votes every round.

Note: all roles are assigned randomly.


If you change your screen name before, during or after a game, please send the GM a PM.

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1. Snozberries

2. Captain Aerosex

3. Tiger Singh

4. Mau5trap

5. Peaches

6. JE14

7. Intoewsables

8. Kiwis

9. Reigning Champ

10. Apples

11. RussianRocket

12. Go Faulk Yourself

13. Kryten

14. Blueberries

15. Malkin Cookies

16. Mikeyboy44

17. Beluga Whale

18. Alchemy time

19. Gally

20. Federer

21. Where's Wellwood

22. Carrots

23. Crom

24. Mufasa


3 Yakuza + 1 Kingpin

3 Triad + 1 Kingpin

1 Doctor

1 Sheriff

1 Vigilante

1 Serial Killer

1 Twinblade

1 Medic Pack

Please makesure you read the instructions. I have added in sections for Kingpin!

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It will be interesting to see how this round goes with the new rules. I will vote Tiger Singh too.

Vote Tiger for the solid reasoning above, anyways who would like the medkit?

Vote Tiger Singh

Obviously we cant figure out much in the first round, so lets just vote out the retard.

Note: im on mobile so i cant bold.

There you guys go.

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