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Mafia: Propaganda


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Well, I've got to go out, in the case that I won't be back before the voting period ends I'll abstain my vote. There are some good points made above, but I use PM a lot myself too because I run a GMC league so I don't see that exactly as an excuse to vote someone out. I also don't see why people are voting Federer just because he voted like a "sheep" in the first round. I'm pretty sure everybody does that come first round.

Just some food for thought though, last game, while I was Mafia, I realized that the people who tend to start the voting off usually turn out to be the mafia, SK, or Vig. They are the ones that try to get the hangings in their favour so that they can kill more than one person at once. There have also been a lot of lame excuses to vote people out, which would also make me believe they are Mafia, since they are trying to grab at air to get the votes to once again swing they're way. I'd just like to let that settle in before you cast your votes each night, and be careful of how the votes are driven.

Vote Abstain

Hmm... Something to think about. Thankyou.

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Vote Go Faulk Yourself

Saying all the things to make us think hes not mafia. And not voting to not get anyone against him.

At first I didn't think that was the case being as it seems between champ and intoewsables. But I definitely have that speech on the back burner myself.

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At first I didn't think that was the case being as it seems between champ and intoewsables. But I definitely have that speech on the back burner myself.

You mean RC and Federer? The only person who voted for me this round changed their vote within a few minutes. The "evidence" against me was weak at best.

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Federer was playing against Nadal at the CDC Open Championships and he lost...terribly...People of the CDC were not happy with this result and decided to make Federe pay the ultimate price for losing...Federer is beaten to death via giant tennis racket.

In the background of this chaos, the Serial Killer looked on as his target was getting killed by the town.

Kiwis was selling kiwis at a fruit stand in Hawaii when he gets sniped by a Triad Mafia member...Luckily, the shot was to the chest, right where Kiwi likes to hold his medic pack... Kiwis is safe.

Mau5strap was trying to find mice to kill. The Vig took exception to this and beat him to death with a slice of holy swiss cheese.

The Yakuza mafia could not settle on who to kill, and thus no one was killed.

Federer is lynched

Mau5trap is killed by the vig

Kiwis was saved from mafia kill by way of medic pack.

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1. Snozberries [TP]

2. Captain Aerosex

3. Tiger Singh [TP]

4. Mau5trap [Mafia]

5. Peaches

6. JE14 [Mafia]

7. Intoewsables

8. Kiwis

9. Reigning Champ

10. Apples

11. RussianRocket

12. Go Faulk Yourself

13. Kryten [TP]

14. Blueberries

15. Malkin Cookies

16. Mikeyboy44

17. Beluga Whale

18. Alchemy time

19. Gally [Mafia]

20. Federer [TP]

21. Where's Wellwood

22. Carrots

23. Crom

24. Mufasa

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