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When the Power of the Internet Backfires on You......


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This "woman" has felt the wraith of the internet for this video. In this video you witness a so-called human being named Taylor who thought that the internet would help her ruin the lives of a few Dunkin Donuts employees if she posted a video fo her treating them like dirt and slandering them with racist obscene remarks.

instead what happened was the complete opposite, the internet has seemed to turn on her in disgust, releasing all her personal information, and several individuals have apparently launched an attack of some sorts on her, causing her to delete her Facebook account and go into hiding.

This ladies and gentlemen, is why I love the internet. That and free unlimited access to porn.

Anyway, this video is not really workplace friendly and might make your rage and throw things, but knowing that she got much worse in return than what she dealt out, I can comfortably say justice has been served.

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What a f'in bitch. All of that because she didn't get a receipt? I get that they have a gaurentee but still what was that worth like $7 and she makes a huge deal about it. Good that she's the one that got boned for doing this instead of the workers. Dumb bitch has to change her life up because of $7.

And the way she treated that guy that was helping her out, FOH with that.

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What most of those million-plus readers worldwide didn't know, however, was that Chapman has struggled with mental illness for most of her life and been hospitalized at least twice. That's what New Times learned by consulting with Chapman, her fiancé, her friends, a former roommate, and public records.

In 2011, she was arrested in Marion Countyunder the Baker Act after exhibiting multiple personalities, according to police records. "I was first diagnosed when I was 7," she told us in her first public comments since the Dunkin' Donuts rant went viral.

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