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Fast forward 2 years...Cory Schneider is a UFA


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Goalie controversy anyone?

I would be stoked if we had Lu for the next 2 years and then signed Schneider.

Think about it, he's splitting time with Brodeur this season so he isn't going to increase his value much only playing half the games. I bet Brodeur retires after this year and then Schneider breaks out the following year and let's face it...the devils are a financial mess and who would want to play in NJ anyways?

I know it's wishful thinking but you never know!

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Not sure Schneider would even wanna come back here. Seems like he was made some promises and then dealt without even being told.

He'll be able to pretty much choose where he wants to play in a couple years. My guess is it will be Philly.

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Calling it right now - Marty's going to be play majority of the games this year and will be starter. He'll retire after this season leaving Schbeider with 1 year left on his contract and his only true year he'll be a legit starter. After the seasons done, Cory will take into consideration he's in prime and wants to win (he's been a backup for 95% of his career) and on a weak Devils team rebuilding, he'll choose to sign elsewhere.

After that's done, Canucks win the Cory deal and Horvat will become the stud he's going to become. ...oh, and Cory fanboys and MG doubters will shut up for once.

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