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How many people on CDC do you genuinely like?


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that's what's great about cdc. i would never encounter any of you through my reg social network so it's fascinating to hear such diff povs.

there are a bunch of posters whose posts I always want to read. either they are interesting, have unique styles, dry humour, compassionate personalities or share my politics/pov.

i can tell when there are personalities that i would definitely clash with though.

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Whether I agree with what the say or not my favorite posters are for strictly entertainment.

:D & Chillis are the funniest and least annoying without trying.

Shawn Rocker was the most entertaining of all time, he was the ultimate antagonist made king of ES look like Deb.

Vintage is the most neutral man on CDC

Apollo is the most aggressive.

DeNiro is the most stubborn

Riveria and Nino or also pretty aggressive.

I dont really hate anyone on CDC but these are the guys that entertain me the most.

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