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CDC poster appreciation thread


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I am just throwing this out there... Who are your favorite posters on CDC and why.

I am a huge Canucks fan but I will be the first to admit since this is my thread..... there are those who follow the team or aspects of the team closer than I. I find that if I want the most up to date info on certain things especially during the offseason when normal channels seem to be a day or 2 late on the draw most times. Checking in here I can get a taste of what articles might be coming in the pipeline and what/who to watch out for.

My top 3 are as follows but feel free to contribute more cdcers whom you appreciate insight from.

VintageCanuck: I turn to to you for the most up to date threads on signings around the NHL you have been on it faster and more often than anyone else.

DeNero: You quite often offer wizdome on both canucks players coaches and management in threads that are otherwize void of sense. Even mine which sometimes aren't fully thought out. But I feel that if every thread was fully thought out we wouldn't get alot of great insightful posts.

And Ossi Vaananen. You seem to watch our prospects and Ahlers as close as any.. And you always offer very blunt and colorful insight which I appreciate.

So who's posts on CDC do you most appreciate and why?

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