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Mafia: The Game [The Exchange]

Master 112

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Bombay Javelin [Wilfred, OurTimeToShine]

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Alchemy Time




Aladeen [Snake Doctor]





Snake Doctor [Aladeen, King Heffy, Peaches, Bombay Javelin, Kesler87, CanucksLegacy, Alchemy Time, Kryten, Gally]



Bombay Javelin: 2

Aladeen: 1

Snake Doctor: 9

With the majority of the votes, Snake Doctor is set to be lynched. You may speak your last words before being removed from the game.

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Night 1


Alchemy Time was all over the place. He'd exhausted a lot of his resources, but he was finally on the right track. Those Mafia bastards were going to be sorry they'd ever even considered taking their business to CDC.

“This is it-- everyone else was too scared to speak up, but I've got it all figured out!” Alchemy Time said to himself, hunched over a pile of police documents and bad trade proposals.

Just then, he heard a knock on the door. He grabbed his riffle and crept over to it, half expecting to be killed on his way over.

“Who's this?” His voice cackled as he shouted from behind the door.

“Just a messenger. The Don wants you to turn around.”

He paused for a moment, sweating, knowing he was about to meet his end. Maybe he should have listened to the others when they told him to let it rest.

In a last ditch effort, he turned around and blindly shot his riffle in one motion, hoping to hit whatever was behind him. Alchemy Time's gun didn't fire; the Mafia's did.

Alchemy Time was all over the place. Again.


The streets were empty aside from Aladeen, who was stumbling home from a night out. He wasn't too far from his place when he rounded a corner, only to be pushed down by a strange figure.

Aladeen tried a few times to get back on his feet, but he was only succeeding in tiring himself out.

“I know what you've been up to,” the man said. “We townsfolk want it to stop.”

“Oh? And jush what have I been up to?” Aladeen responded snarkily, his words slightly slurred.

“Ohh, I think you know what I'm talking about...” The man pulled a loaded pistol out of his coat and wasted no time firing.

Aladeen was dead.


Snake Doctor was lynched by the Town.

Alchemy Time was killed by the Mafia.

Aladeen was killed by the Vigilante.

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