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50 Shades of Mafia [GAME OVER]

Captain Aerosex

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Welcome to...50 Shades of Mafia.


The first ever Mafia game based off of E. L. James' popular erotic romance novel. To prepare myself to host such a emotionally charged and sexually tense theme of game, I had to expand my mind (and other parts of my body)...and watch the movie.

After being publicly humiliated and kicked out of the movie theatre for bringing in what was called a 'gross amount of napkins' (some people just take sick pleasure in taunting a sensitive guy like myself I guess), I learned that there was another option: reading the book! This would prove intensely difficult, because I didn't know what a book was. Hours of research on the internet enlightened me that there are in fact shops known as 'book-stores' where they collect words that could just be on the internet instead, and print them on paper, and then sell these tomes to people! Baffling, I know. Anyways, not wishing to pay for said 'book' I locked myself into the store bathroom and attempted to speed read the entire novel. After about 10 minutes, the storeowners began knocking on the door and told me a customer saw me come into the bathroom with this book and the noise from inside (of the pages rhythmically turning over I assume) was disturbing them. If I didn't leave, the door would be broken down.

But the deed was already done. I had read enough for me to come...

...to the conclusion that the book was terrible! It's awful! I cleaned myself up with the pages and left it in the toilet and walked home disheartened. What was I going to do? I couldn't return to my mafia mamigos without a game! But equally, I couldn't make them play something that was such an abomination to humanity. I had desired to bring a game based off of art, not smut. With a heavy sigh, I put my headphones on and hit shuffle. And then it hit me. The artistry needed for my game. Blasting directly to my brain was the answer...

Welcome to...








The first ever Mafia game based off of the life, personality, discography, and body odour of Kanye Omari West, greatest rapper ever and voice of our generation (whether you like it or not!) You may notice that the name of the game isn't Mafia: Yeezus. Good point, fellow Yeezian. That is because Kanye has CHANGED the game, and the game is in fact KANYE. So really, it's not a game anymore. It's a religion. Though MR may have already been down and back up that path several times already...

...BUT ANYHOO, let's get down to the basics of the game. Roles and rules and all the goodies are below, asssss per usual.

And for anybody who was genuinely excited about a 50 Shades of Grey game, sorry. Couldn't do it.


Credit to Master Radishes and other notable hosts for the "Introduction", "History on CDC" and "Roles" blurbs.


¡Yeezus! is a game of strategy, trust, intuition, risk, and luck.
It is a game between two factions battling to the death for victory. Everyone is either Kanye or a Hater. The Haters know each other's identities, and work together in a group once a night, they select a Kanye to kill. The Kanyes do not know each other's identities, but must debate during the day who might be the Haters among them, and then vote for someone to lynch. They must root out the Haters through any information they can gather. There are often special roles that can assist the Kanyes, such as a Sheriff, a Doctor, etc. The winning group is the group left standing when all other members of the opposition have been eliminated.

History on CDC

Krazz introduced the game of ¡Yeezus! on White Noise way back in 2008. Games were run in sequence for quite some time, during the initial heyday of ¡Yeezus! on CDC. But eventually the games died off as interest waned. Fortunately, over time, Krazz and others (notably T-rex930) have re-booted ¡Yeezus! several times, allowing players old and new alike to experience the game again and again.


There are two main factions: the Kanyes and the Haters. Each side's objective is to eliminate the other. In addition, there is often a Serial Killer role, which is unaffiliated with either side and seeks to be the last player standing.

Aside from the two competing factions, there are some special roles that usually appear in the game as well, helping one side or the other. Please note that not all roles will appear in every game, and this game may include roles not on this list. Roles that have been previously used include:

Sheriff - The Sheriff is a Kanye who can investigate one player per round. He will send a PM to the GM with one name; the GM will then inform the Sheriff if that player is "Hating" or "Not Hating".

Doctor - The Doctor is a Kanye who can choose one player to "protect" during each night. If the Haters try to kill a player the Doc has selected for saving, their kill will not go through as the target will be shielded by the Doctor's ability. The Doctor cannot self-save him/herself at all this game. The Doctor's save only applies to one kill attempt per target per round - if, for example, both the Haters and Serial Killer target the Doctor-protected player; the first attempt will be "saved" but the second will successfully eliminate the targeted player. Doctor saves do NOT keep a TB from dying when they use their ability so don't waste saves on a TB.

Kanye Nurse - The Kanye Nurse has the exact same abilities as the Doctor; he/she would choose a player to protect during each nightfall. He/she cannot use the ability on themselves, they can only use the save on another. The only difference from the Doctor role is the Nurse's ability to protect a player is not granted until the Doc has been killed. In the meantime, the Kanye Nurse will be considered a regular Kanye.

Vigilante - The Vigilante is a Kanye who can kill one person each night. By the end of every round, he must send one name to the GM, and the player he names will be killed prior to the beginning of the next round.

Serial Killer & Blocker Faction - The serial killer/blocker(s) are their own faction. They have the choice of killing or blocking a player once each nightfall. The chosen target (and any faction they belong to) will then be blocked from performing their action. The only way the Serial Killers can win is by being the last one(s) standing (difficult but has happened on several occasions).

Hater Nurse - Like the Doctor, the Hater Nurse chooses one player to protect, except the Hater Nurse only does so every odd-numbered round. If a killing faction (Vigilante, Serial Killer or Twinblade) try to kill a player the nurse has selected for saving, their kill will not go through. The Hater Nurse cannot self-save this game. As with the Doctor role, the Hater Nurse's save only applies to one kill attempt per target, per round.

Kingpin - The Kingpin is the head of the Haters. The exact aspects to this role can vary, but generally the Kingpin will get an investigative power every two rounds. He or she will select one name, and the GM will reveal if that name is a Regular Townsperson or a Special Role (i.e. Sheriff, Doctor, Vigilante, Serial Killer). The Kingpin will also show up as "Not Hating" to the Sheriff. However, the Kingpin cannot submit kills on the Hater's behalf.

Twinblade - The Twinblade is a Townsperson who has a one-time ability to kill another player. However, the catch is that the Twinblade will die as well in their attempt. Doctor saves or Medkits do NOT keep a TB from dying when they use their ability so don't waste saves on a TB. A Lackey block or Hater Nurse save keeps a TB kill from taking place.

Lackey - The Lackey is a role-blocker who secretly works for the Haters. The Lackey shows up as Kanye on investigation. The Lackey chooses one player every even-numbered round to role-block. The chosen target (and any faction they belong to) will then be blocked from performing his/her action. The Lackey cannot block an action taken against him/herself. The Lackey cannot block the same player twice in a row. Blocks take place in real-time.

Watcher - The Watcher is a Kanye-aligned role who chooses one player to "watch" every even-numbered round. If any action is performed on the watched player (i.e. Hater kill, Vig/SK kill, Sheriff investigation) the Watcher will be informed who targeted the player, although not what action was taken. If multiple actions were performed, the Watcher will only learn of the first action taken. The Watcher is able to "watch" him/herself.

Ninja - Often aligned with the Haters, a Ninja is immune to a Watcher's ability and is a useful tool when Haters wish to kill without leaving tracks. If a Watcher targets a player the Ninja kills (as a Hater hit-man), the investigation will come out negative (unless another player visited the target first, then that player would be identified).

Paranoid Sheriff - Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Paranoid Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Paranoid Sheriff will always be "Hating." Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Paranoid Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

Naive Sheriff - Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Naive Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Naive Sheriff will always be "Not Hating." Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Naive Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

Psycho Sheriff - Much like the vanilla Sheriff, the Psycho Sheriff will be given an investigation per round. Unlike the vanilla Sheriff, the results that return to the Psycho Sheriff will always be the opposite of the player's actual affiliation (i.e. Haters will show up as "Not Hating", Kanyes will show up as "Hating") Similar to all the Sheriff roles, the Psycho Sheriff will not be able to investigate himself.

Cult Leader - The Cult Leader, similar to the Serial Killer, is unaligned with either major faction. However, the Cult Leader has the ability to recruit one player into their Cult each night up until round 3. After Round 3, the Cult Leader can only recruit new players every second night. (i.e. Round 1, Round 2, Round 4, Round 6, etc..) Cultists do not have the ability to kill other players. The Cult wins by becoming the majority faction in the game.

Round Layout
Each round lasts 24 hours; the next round begins once the previous one ends with a GM update.

During the round, the players will debate and discuss the identities of other players in the game thread, trying to uncover the Hater in the group. They will then vote on one person, who they believe to be Hater, to be lynched. At the end of the round, whoever has the most votes will be lynched.

At the same time, via private conversation over the forum's messaging system, the Haters members will discuss and vote on who they wish to kill that night. Once they've decided, they will inform the GM.

Also during the round, the Sheriff will investigate a player, and the Doctor and Vigilante will send in their target player to save or kill. Any other special roles will also conduct their business prior to the end of the round, unless their role states otherwise.

At the designated Nightfall, the round will end. The GM will then post the results of who was lynched, who was killed, and whether anyone was saved. The new round will then begin.

Note on order of precedence:
All kills, investigations, saves, etc must be sent via PM to the GM prior to the designated Nightfall time.

The kill order is:
1) Lynch
2) Twinblade
3) Serial Killer
4) Mafia
5) Vigilante

Any of the above roles who are killed prior to their own attack occurring will not have their kill go through. God Kills (for inactivity or rule-breaking) take precedence over everything.

Notes on voting:
1) Please bold your vote in the game thread. E.g. Vote Intoewsables (as usual). If you wish to change your vote, please do something like: Unvote Intoewsables Vote Master Radishes. The exact format does not matter so much as long as it is bolded and clear who you are voting for. Only bolded votes count.Nicknames are acceptable, as long as it is obvious who you are referring to.

2) Any votes in edited posts will not count. This is to prevent anyone going back later and secretly changing their vote once it has been cast. If you edit your post at all, you must recast your vote.

3) In the event of a tied vote, there will be no lynching. Instead, the following round, there will be a tiebreaking vote, alongside the regular lynch vote. Therefore, players will vote for two lynchings - one between the tied players, and one for everyone else.


1) Specials must submit their actions to me before 9:45 PM PST each night. All votes must be submitted before 10:00 PM PST, at which point Nightfall will commence. Once the Nightfall summary has been posted, the next round will begin. In the event of a tie, a 15-minute 'Speed Round' will occur to decide between whichever players are involved in the tie.

2) Players are required to submit a vote at least once every 2 rounds. If you go 48 hours without placing a vote, you will be God-Killed.

Round numbers do not need to be included with votes, but please make sure that all votes are bolded or they will not be counted. (Example: Vote Kryten)
Note: "Vote Abstain" is not a vote, and will not save you from being god-killed.

3) Editing posts is against the rules, you will be given one warning. If it happens again, you will be godkilled. I suggest that if you have something to add or correct, quote your post and fix it in another reply.

4) Last words are for lynched players only. Players killed by Specials do not get last words.

5) Once you've been killed off, do not interfere with the game. Offering your opinion or providing information to players who are still alive takes the fun out of the game for everyone. Failure to abide by this rule may result in a ban from future games.

6) Conversing with other players through PMs is highly encouraged, but inviting players into private role conversations with the GM is not allowed. Taking pictures or screenshots of any PM conversation is also against the rules. Breaking either of these will result in a god kill

7) Do not bring outside factors into the game. Making bets, offering real-life rewards, or claiming to ban yourself from future games to prove your innocence will not be tolerated. You're all clever enough to come up with better defenses than that.

Nightfalls will be at 10:00 PM PT. I will publicly disclaim and privately distribute the roles in the game once sign-ups are over. Enjoy ¡Yeezus!

Here are the players involved in this game:

1. FramingDragon
2. John Locke
3. g_bassi13
4. Time Lord
5. In4TheCup
6. Virtanen87
7. Vrienzy
8. HashtagNucks
9. Mikeyboy44
10. Big Mike
11. otherwise
12. Go Faulk Yourself
13. Dral
14. ilduce69
15. Rick Grimes
16. Peaches
17. VICanucksfan5551
18. Apples
19. Kakanucks
20. Denguin
21. One one two
22. Intoewsables
23. mau5trap
24. Buddhas Hand
25. King Heffy
26. Master Radishes
27. Matthew Barzal
28. Zftech


Here are the roles for this game:

Kanye Specials

Jay-Z (Sheriff)
One of Kanyes lifelong friends, Jay-Z stands next to him in his battle against Hating. As the Big Papi on the block, Jay-Z has taken on the role of Sheriff. Once every round, the HOVA has the ability to investigate a person of his choosing to see whether that person is Hating or not. Gone soft in your old age Jaysnitching and crap.

Beyoncé (Doctor)
Jay-Zs better half. Beyoncé is loved around the world for her beauty and talent and warm heart. Her and Kanye go way back, and so she has decided to help him in his battle against Hating. However, she has put the days of Sasha Fierce behind her, and now only wishes to help by helping others. She has the ability to save one person of her choosing each round (she only has 2 self-saves) from death. Though she can stop kill attempts, she cannot stop lynches or kill stacks (if the chosen person is targeted by 2 separate kill attempts simultaneously). Her and Jay-Z would be in touch, but ever since her sister wailed on him in an elevator because Jay-Z cheated on her, they've been on the outs. Maybe they'll make up this game.

Kim Kardashian (Vigilante)
Kanyes woman. The love of his life. His loyal steed. Kim and her gigantic tush are standing by her man in the face of all these haters. Despite public opinion which she herself has construed with her show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim is a ruthless killer. She went too far with all the surgeries, and is now less human than she is plastic. All she cares about is money and fame, and she cannot have anybody tear down her husbands image, no matter what it takes. Kim K has the ability to kill one person of her choosing each round.

2009 MTV VMAs Kanye (Roleblocker)
2009 MTV VMAs Kanye has the ability to interruptreally obnoxiously. Even when a pretty blonde girl is accepting an award on an internationally televised broadcast, hell jump on stage and grab the fuh outta that microphone. Though 2009 MTV VMAs Kanye is obviously a Kanye, he was a different person back then and is thus, not aware hes a Kanye (at the beginning of the game, he is only informed that he is a Roleblocker) though he is in fact aligned with the Kanyes. Every even-numbered round, 2009 MTV VMAs Kanye has the ability to block a chosen persons actions (investigations, kills, saves, blocks, commands), but cannot block actions against himself. IF he happens to block Taylor Swift, he will be put in contact with one of the special Kanyes (in order of prioirity: Vigilante, Sheriff, Doctor).

The Haters

George W. Bush (Hater Kingpin)
One of the greatest and most powerful Haters of all-time. Not only he is a hater of Kanye West, but he in fact does not care about any black people (the race of Kanye). He has the power to investigate a Kanye every odd-numbered round to find out if that Kanye has any special powers (ex. Sheriff, Vigilante, Doctor). Because he was once President of the United States of America, people dont consider him to be a Hater, even under investigation for war crimes. "I'm not a hater," Bush said. "I don't hate Kanye West. I was talking about an environment in which people were willing to say things that hurt. Nobody wants to be called a racist if in your heart you believe in equality of races. Not fooling us, Dubya. Or is he? I cant remember let me read the description again

Ray J (Hater Doctor)
Ray J and Kim K were once lovers, years ago when Kim was less plastic. However, she is with Kanye now and after Ray Js diss track I Hit It First, they have become mortal enemies. To get back at Kim for leaving him for somebody altogether more talented (quit hating Ray J), he has become her antithesis. Where she has the power to kill Haters, he has the power to save them once every 2 rounds (he only has 1 self-save). Though he can stop kill attempts, he cannot stop lynches or kill stacks (if the chosen person is targeted by 2 separate kill attempts simultaneously).

Taylor Swift (Hater Roleblocker)
Taylor Swift has the ability to steal awards she doesnt deserve. Even when somebody like Beyoncé has a way better music video, White America will give T-Swift the award. Though T-Swift is not aware shes a Hater because she thinks shes just a sweet little country gal (at the beginning of the game, she is only informed that she is a Roleblocker), she is in fact aligned with the Haters. However, she is not in contact with them, and will not show up as Hating under investigation due to her innocent girl-next-door image. Every even-numbered round, Taylor Swift has the ability to block a chosen persons actions (investigations, kills, saves, blocks, commands), but cannot block actions against herself. IF she happens to block Beyoncé, she will be informed that she is the Hater Roleblocker and will be put in contact with the rest of her Hater team.

The Others

Snoop Doggy Dogg (Serial Killa [feat. D.O.C., RBX, and Tha Dogg Pound])
Kanye changed the rap game. It used to be all about gangsta crap in Snoops heyday. And even though Snoop doesnt love how the game has changed around him, hes not hating on the young dogs coming up (and so, he will not come up as Hating under an investigation by Jay-Z). He just wants to bring his gangsta rap back into peoples homes, just like when he was in his prime. The easiest way to send his message? Kill people indiscriminately! Snoop Dogg has the power to kill somebody each round as he wishes. Snoops out to do Snoop; he doesnt win with the Kanyes, he doesnt win with the Haters. He does it Doggystyle; he wins by himself...unless...

North West
The world is divided two ways. You either love Kanye, or youre a Hater (or youre Snoop and you dont give a frack because youre just that cool). There is no middle ground for the greatest issue on Earth. But as a child of Kanyes great bloodline, North West has inherited the talent of God/his father and with it the ability to be different, unique from everybody elsejust like Kanye. And with the pressure of being his fathers son mounting from the time he escaped his moms highly publicized *dont wanna get banned*, he has to make a choice. It is up to him, what he decides to do with his life. Does he stand by his father? Does he rail against his father and become a Hater? Or does he start his own journey as a new messiaha new YeezusNorth West has 2 rounds to decide: ally with the Kanyes, ally with the Haters, or start a new way of life. Once he decides, he can unlock his other powers. He has the ability to once every 2 rounds command a person how to vote (whichever person he picks will have their role revealed to him). If North West decides to form his own faction, the first person he commands how to vote will become Blue Ivy Carter (the child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z) and become his partner. They will be aligned together, and she will have the power to once every 2 rounds attempt to save a player (she only has 2 self-saves), investigate a person, or command them how to vote. IF he happens to convert the Serial Killer, the Serial Killer will retain their power instead of becoming Blue Ivy Carter, but now be aligned with North West as his mentor. While he may be more powerful as his own faction, choosing one of the two main factions could potentially solidify victory more easily. Regardless of his decision, he will not show up in Jay-Zs investigations as Hating.

​Twinblade Pack

Similar to the Med Kit. Whoever has possession of the Twinblade Pack has the option of using it, taking the Twinblade's powers, and committing a suicidal kill on a person of their choosing. If they don't wish to use it, they must select two different players to pass the pack on to. One of the players will be chosen at random. If one of the players selected dies, the Pack automatically goes to the other player. If one of the players selected had the Pack last round, it will automatically go to the other player. If both of the players die (or one had the Pack last round and the other dies), the Pack will go to somebody chosen at random. If the player in possession of the Pack dies, it is removed from the game. Once the Pack is used, it is removed from the game.

UPDATE: Nightfall is at 10:00 PM P*D*T. Daylight Savings Time is now in effect as of Monday.

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Kanye Nurse - The Kanye Nurse has the exact same abilities as the Doctor; he/she would choose a player to protect during each nightfall. He/she cannot use the ability on themselves, they can only use the save on another. The only difference from the Doctor role is the Nurse's ability to protect a player is not granted until the Doc has been killed. In the meantime, the Kanye Nurse will be considered a regular Kanye.

Wouldn't Kanye only be able to save himself?

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