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Fancy Pants Predictions VS Current stats


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Hello gents. I'm a long time reader of these forms and I decided to now join the discussion's. While in the bathroom on the throne (your welcome) I re-discovered a collection of 2014-2015 poolers guides I had collected at the beginning of the year. I joined a keeper league with a salary cap and just collected all the information I could. On the internet these days you can find information on any player , with predictions and stats. But each magazine offers a unique view and tidbits that you don't find on the internet (easily). That's why they sell these things. It's interesting to look back and see how our players are matching up to the expectations. Here's some of their bold predictions.


Radim Vrbata - Over the last three seasons, Vrbata has recorded 141 points (67-74) in 191 games, despite playing for the offensively challenged Coyotes. And He was never able to play on a line which had top-notch centre like Henrik Sedin. Vrbata, who was signed to a two-year contract, could displace Burrows as the right winger alongside the twins. Possibly the teams top goal scorer ?

Prediction : 27 G , 27 A - 54 POINTS

Current : 31 G, 29 A - 60 POINTS (In 74 GP)

Nick Bonino - With Ryan Kesler gone, Bonino should step up into the canucks second center spot. A 50 point season is within his grasp. He had 49 points (22-27) in 77 games with the ducks.

Prediction : 20 G , 27 A - 47 POINTS

Current : 15 G , 22 A - 37 POINTS (In 70 GP)

Ryan Miller - He may not be the goaltender he used to be, but miller should get more than 60 starts with his new team.

Prediction : 60 GP , 31 WIN , 4 SO'S

Current : 44 GP, 28 WIN , 15 L , 6 SO'S

That's all I got for now. Feel free to post any interesting predictions you have found by different "experts" to today's stats. They vary greatly from magazine to magazine, blogger to blogger ( I admit I read hockey buzz - Van's blog all the time). Most have low expectations of the canuck's. Fine by me. We are the underdogs of 2014-2015.


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Bonino played through one injury, and had to sit out for another (related one?).

But I think that under normal circumstances, he would have been a 50-point player, and should continue to be one for us. Is there a another veteran guy in the league who is good for 50-points who is cheaper than Bonino, and signed for another two years?

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Bonino wouldn't get 50 points here. Perhaps if he was still in ANA.

In October & November, he had 19 points in 24 games - a 65 point pace.

Then he went cold. Was seen with a knee brace in his locker. Eventually, he got an injury that forced him to rest a bit. Since he came back on Feb. 24th, he's had 12 points in 18 games - a 55 point pace.

I'm quite certain that had he been more healthy, he would have had at least 50 points. That's in addition to being the most used forward defensively. And I expect that going forward, that sort of production will continue.

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I guess women arent allowed on this site...We arent all Gents. Btw

In most languages with separate masculine and feminine wordings, the masculine version is used for a group of mixed genders.

Women are allowed in those groups too.

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So just who made these predictions, and when?

These are predictions from a few months before the season started by poolers guide hockey magazine / sportsnet nhl pool guide.

I guess women arent allowed on this site...We arent all Gents. Btw

Apologies. Ladies and Gents.

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