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Mafia: Town of Salem


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Generic Rules



Bodyguard - Submits one player name per round to protect. If the protection attempt is successful, both the bodyguard and the attacker will die. The bodyguard's counter-attack ignores night immunity.

Doctor - Can attempt to protect one player per round. The doctor will be informed on whether the player they save is targeted or not, but will not discover the identity of the attacker.

Escort - Distracts one player per round. Distracted players will "forget" to complete the actions they've submitted.

Investigator - Investigates one player per round, and receives a clue on the player's role.

Jailor - Takes one player to jail per round. The jailed player will be immune to night attacks, but can not use their own role. The jailor has the ability to execute one jailed player throughout the game.

Lookout - Watches one player at night to see who visits them. The Lookout will not know which action the visiting player used on the visited.

Sheriff - Investigates one player per round, and learns the player's affiliation. Investigating the Godfather will return a Town-affiliated result, but the Serial Killer can be identified by an investigation.

Transporter - Has the ability to swap the positions of two players. If Player A and Player B are swapped, and Player A is targeted by a killing role, Player B will die. The Transporter may transport themselves. Players who are transported will also be informed of this.

Veteran - Can choose to go on watch on three separate nights. While on watch, the Veteran will shoot any player who visits them. The Veteran can not kill night immune targets, though they also can not be roleblocked nor killed while on alert.

Vigilante - Can choose to shoot another player on three separate nights. If the Vigilante kills a Townsperson, they will commit suicide due to guilt.

Godfather - Leader of the Mafia. Can not be killed at night, and comes up as Town in a sheriff investigation. Can only submit kills if all mafiosi have been eliminated.

Consigliere - Has the ability to investigate one player per round and learn their role. Becomes a mafioso if all other mafiosi have been eliminated.

Mafioso (2) - Regular mafia members who submit kills.

Jester - Wins by tricking the town into lynching themselves. The game will not end in the event of a Jester victory.

Serial Killer - Has the ability to kill one player each round. If roleblocked, the Serial Killer will attack the roleblocker instead of the intended target. Is immune to night kills.

Notable Changes

1) This game will run on a bit of a hybrid system between the usual game setup and one with separate day/night phases. Special actions can be submitted at any time throughout the day, but an extra hour will be added on after the lynch to allow for specials to submit their actions based on any knowledge gained from said lynch.

2) PM communication between non-mafia is not allowed. Unfortunately, we'll have to rely on the honour system for this one. If another player sends you a private message concerning the game, let me know as soon as possible.

3) Lynches will occur at 9:00 PM PST; special actions will need to be submitted by 10:00 PM PST.


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