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Finished season one and loved it. I always prefer shows where the characters speak their actual language vs English with a cheesy accent. Acting is solid storyline is awesome though I really was disappointed with how much they sped through as they go from 1979-93 in a season. That being said I'm super pumped for season 2. Netflix has some great original shows and this is easily one of my favorites.

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Watched the first two episodes and I'm really enjoying it:


Good acting, scipt and locations. Very pleasing to the eyes and ears. The score is very good. I also like how actors speak in their roles' native languages. I like how they included the gore.


Moves too quickly at some points. I think they jumped ahead 6 years in one scene. They could have stretched it out a little longer. I feel like there is stuff missing from the story.

Too many sex scenes.

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