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NHL draft process is broken


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1 hour ago, canuck2288 said:

Sill weighted towatds poor teams and still encourages tanking. The lottery has been in place for tears and teams still tanks, therefore the process is wrong. Why do you think that after 30 games we are already talking tanking? 

The weighted lottery solves nothing

... based on a sample size of zero drafts under the new rules.

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I hope this posts correctly, odds of getting: 1st overall, 2nd overall, 3rd overall, one of the first two picks, or one of the first three picks.

Rank		1stOvr	2ndOvr	3rdOvr	1st or 2nd	1st, 2nd or 3
1		20.00%	17.49%	15.02%	37.49%		52.51%
2		13.50%	13.07%	12.48%	26.57%		39.05%
3		11.50%	11.43%	11.26%	22.93%		34.19%
4		9.50%	9.68%	9.82%	19.18%		29.00%
5		8.50%	8.77%	9.01%	17.27%		26.28%
6		7.50%	7.82%	8.15%	15.32%		23.47%
7		6.50%	6.86%	7.23%	13.36%		20.59%
8		6.00%	6.36%	6.76%	12.36%		19.12%
9		5.00%	5.36%	5.76%	10.36%		16.12%
10		3.50%	3.81%	4.17%	7.31%		11.47%
11		3.00%	3.28%	3.61%	6.28%		9.89%
12		2.50%	2.75%	3.04%	5.25%		8.28%
13		2.00%	2.21%	2.45%	4.21%		6.66%
14		1.00%	1.11%	1.25%	2.11%		3.37%

Edit: Well it lines up on my screen, not sure how it will look for others

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3 hours ago, canuck2288 said:

Sill weighted towatds poor teams and still encourages tanking. The lottery has been in place for tears and teams still tanks, therefore the process is wrong. Why do you think that after 30 games we are already talking tanking? 

The weighted lottery solves nothing

I have to disagree. No team in the league is tanking this year in the sense of deliberately losing. Last year it is pretty clear that the Buffalo was tanking from the start of the season and several teams were playing terribly in the final third of the season, including Toronto, Arizona, and Edmonton. But last year was a very unusual year with not just one but possibly two franchise players in the draft (McDavid and Eichel). And by finishing last you could guarantee getting one of those guys.

With the new rules the incentives to tank are much weaker. No team is going to tank in order to guarantee the #4 overall pick.

Here are the #4 picks for the last 10 years:

Dylan Strome

Leon Draisaitl

Seth Jones

Griffin Reinhart

Adam Larsson

Ryan Johanssen

Evander Kane

Alex Pietroangelo

Thomas Hickey

Niklas Backstrom

There are some good players in the list but no team is going to sacrifice the revenue associated with contending for a playoff spot just to draft a player of this general calibre.


On other hand, making a good effort until the trade deadline and then applying smart asset management is just good management and encourages parity. And in all major sports teams consider timing -- picking their "window of opportunity" rather than expected to contend for a championship every year. And that is what the Canucks should do.

Right now the Canucks should be trying to acquire more good young players who form a competitive core a few years from now. Several pieces are in the mix: McCann, Horvat, Hutton, Boeser, Virtanen, Demkko, maybe Gaunce and Shinkaruk, and Tanev will still be around.

Not bad, but to compete with the emerging core that Edmonton, Calgary, Buffalo and a few other teams will have will require more young talent. So trading vets for draft picks this year and having a good draft make sense for the Canucks even though they are not trying to deliberately lose games.

I just hope the Canucks can rebuild quickly enough to give the Sedins another shot at a Cup before they retire.


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The only team that's actually deliberately tanked in recent memory was the 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres, and Karma bit them in the ass as they got screwed out of McDavid. Edmonton and Arizona were legit that bad. The problem isn't tanking. The problem is that teams like Edmonton, who have been bad forever, are getting rewarded for failure. However, the NHL updated the draft lottery rules for this years draft, to help prevent that. 

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Nobody on the ice is intentionally trying to lose. The players play there ass off every night and coaches make the best plan to win. I think it's ridiculous that people think these guys go on the ice and try to lose, they could care less about a draft pick. Tanking starts with management and ends there to. They decide what they have to put on the ice, But those players and coaches do everything they can to win. 

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6 hours ago, canuck2288 said:

Why should the number 1 team in the league have less of the chance at the numbet 1 pick than the last placed team? 

It sucks that thr Oilers were rewarded for having poor management and coaching for years.

i am not suggesting we are tanking but the very fact that its being discussed is wrong. There is even a Sportsnet article today related to it

Because they don't need a top prospect as much as a low end team. Seems pretty obvious to me.

While I don't agree with tanking, I also don't agree with letting a top team get a pick that a lower team could use more.

Oh, and despite what people are saying, we aren't going to tank. That's just people hoping to get a high draft pick more than anything. Right now we've bouncing between 2nd/3rd in the division and 2nd/3rd last place in the conference. It's kind of amusing really just how bad our division is. lol

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18 minutes ago, chilliwiggins said:

Cup half full. lol   Makes me think of , THE PETER PRINCIPLE. lol

What does this have to do with the Peter Principle?

I should also add that most people on these boards don't even seem to actually know what tanking is, especially the ones who think we're purposely tanking. (ie. there's a difference between actual tanking and just having a bad team yet trying)

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I have long thought that the current system of rewarding bad management whilst penalizing good teams works against itself.  I understand that it is the best interests of the league as a whole that all franchises are successful but the way to do this is to encourage good management not penalize it.

The league should reward the top pick to the team that has shown the most improvement year on year.  So in 2013-14 the Canucks got 83pt, but improved to 101 pts last year.  The Islanders improved from 79pts to 101pts, so they would get no.1 pick and the Canucks would get the 2nd overall pick.  Colorado fell from 112 pts to 90pts, so they would be picking last, and deservedly so.  The advantages of drafting this way:

1. Teams are will have something to play for all season, right up to the last week when very often games are just formalities and don't have any relevance.

2. The bottom teams have a greater chance of getting top picks compared to top teams.  30th placed teams can at worst the same as last year but could potentially improve 30 places, which no other team could do.

3. Team cannot tank to get a particular player because their 'tank' year would have to be 18 months before the player is available and so much can happen to a players projected draft position in that time.

4. Team determine their draft position for themselves by their performance rather than either their lack of performance or the lottery balls.     

5. Teams could not get top pick year after year after year.

Seems like an obvious solution

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Just now, chilliwiggins said:

You had a point?   So did I, but mine doesn't have rainbows and unicorns in it. lol

I edited my post. after you read it. Read above please.

Also, I don't see rainbows and unicorns. You just want to think I merely see rainbows and unicorns. ;)

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13 minutes ago, chilliwiggins said:

Nothing is ever out of the cards.  History is littered with cheats, and crooks trying to circumvent the system in every aspect of life.   Sports is designed for it.    If they are then, well at least they will make Benning the GOAT , and I will get what I want.     On the other hand if, they are not then Benning is again in a compromised position of having to explain why.   Injurys isn't enough.   The R and U was just slighted humor.   

Peters Principal was referring to the reason maybe the canucks are where they are in the standings, as I see it 10 from the bottom.  Glass half empty for your sake. lol

So even with the fact that I mentioned we've been 3 places from the bottom earlier and then 2nd and 3rd in the division, I look at it as half full? That seems more like an assumption more than anything.

However, considering the rest of your post, you have to be the most miserable Canuck fan on these boards that I've seen in a long time, so probably everyone else is half full to you anyway. lol

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Teams should not compensated for bad drafting, bad coaching, bad trades (like the Oilers) when teams like the Hawks have built from within.

Throw them all in the lottery with an equal chance. Can you imagine trade dynamics? If you throw in a draft pick? Makes things interesting.

i would also never assume any player in the league would tank. We also  know that coaching and management can tank by foing something like ...... dressing Weber, Higgins and Prust


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Tanking does not always mean you field a team bad enough to finish last, the more teams at the bottom that have a chance at a high pick serves nothing more than motivating more teams to shut it down!!! ... Dress backups, rest starters etc

Its a slippery slope, you try to solve one problem and only make it a bigger problem. 

By the way, i only want the system changed after our rebuild!!!!

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