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Figured I would start a thread for our future star. You heard it from me first ::D


Dafted 1st overall by the Vancouver Canucks.. Auston Matthews


This kid is going to fill the stands. This kid will have an instant impact on this young retooling Canuck squad. Sit back and enjoy the ride fellow Canuck fans, because in just a few years, you will be celebrating the Canucks first ever Stanley Cup! This kid is that good!



Side note: I figured I would have a little fun so if you could just spare me this one time mods I would greatly appreciate it :) I really couldn't help myself once the idea of makimg this thread came to me lol. If you do suspend me, atleast dont make it too long because the draft is coming up :rolleyes:

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1 minute ago, canuckledraggin said:

Embrace it. Don't fight it, invite it. All of your dreams of Matthews will come true if you invite them into your heart.

Just as the Oilers did with McDavid. Its a story line people.


"No1 ever thought Crawford would coach the Canucks again, but then Matthews happened"

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