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CDC rally for desi!!!!


Bring back Desi?  

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Nobody really knows why he got banned but do you think CDC is better without him? I feel he got allot of flak but it was all in good fun. I saved my -1 everyday for him. Now I feel lost and have no idea who to -1.....


But seriously he was the one cdc poster everyone knew and stirred the pot a little, we kind of need people like that...


My vote is yes.

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5 minutes ago, SaintPatrick33 said:

CDC should host a "Town Hall" meeting for its members, where Desi gets put on stage and has to answer the tough questions, kind of like how Tanbir from Surrey tried to roast JB (my money is on the fact Desi is in fact Tanbir from Surrey) :P


Hope to see you soon Desi! 


I guess I was always guilty of assuming the obvious; that he was, you know, Jason Botchford. But you may be onto something here. I think it best we never learn the true identity of Desi, like the Luchidor, his destiny is to remain unmasked.

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43 minutes ago, ShakyWalton said:

where is Alf these days anyway?

I was wondering the same thing. 


1 hour ago, HC20.0 said:

Still convinced that Alflives and Desi are the same person....

Maybe it's true, mods busted his dupe and banned 'em both. But no, Alf has a far better grasp on English, at least it would seem. I like both of them, for different reasons.

6 minutes ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Seems Desi's doled out a more severe punishment than Hillarity Clintun. There are a lotta big-name folks I'd like to see banned from MSM..forever.

Seems to be the case. Who knows though, maybe he totally crossed the line with a post, went all Surrey on someone. 


Guess we won't ever know his side of the story... I bet it would be hilarious!

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