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Whatcha listening to, Punk?!

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I wrote a lot of punk style lyrics while at work last spring/summer... none of which I can post here though unless this thread is censor exempt? :ph34r:

An old high school friend and former band-mate of mine is now in DOA so I kind of live vicariously through that, with tour updates and the occasional name-drop of some cool band I've never heard of B)

Big fan of old Death Sentence ...

 I have 2 copies of Not a Pretty Sight. The skull logo was released on Undergrowth Records, the Swastica on FRINGE.

This old school stuff is the best, but I guess Dan didn't make as much as he needed? Who smuggles 10kg of drugs in a guitar case? Does he think he's Johnny Cash?






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9 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

I'm friends with 3 of the guys in the Mackenzies. 

They play in a band called The Corps. 

Great band. All their songs are about comic books. Great lyrics, great punk

That sounds pretty cool tbh! I'll have to check em out if I can find em on youtube!



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