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Erik Gudbranson suspended one game for hit on Frank Vatrano


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1 minute ago, Shekky said:

during the broadcast they talked about another player who did something similar but only 3 minutes or something anyone else remember what they had said about it?


Anyways I agree with the punishment all those goals going in Gudbranson probably kicking himself for what cost the team. If I was TG he'd be a healthy scratch for a few games. Cost the team big tonight.

I disagree.  This is hockey,  a rough sport.  And when you are a player like Gudbranson who's bread and butter is being tough as nails in his own zone,  sometimes there is a fine line to walk, tonight he did cross the line,  but he doesn't need to be punished by his coach for it.  He certainly doesn't need to be scratched a few games, what does that do?  Besides punish ourselves...


5 and a game is enough. A suspension is a ****ing disgrace.

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And no, the Kassian hit was not worse. Hartman was turning around to face Kassian and stopped short causing him to get him in the back part of his shoulder.  If Hartman had continued to turn it would have been a legal hit, however Kassian got excited and committed to the hit too early.   A dirty hit, could have been a major, but it was not suspendable by any means

The Gudbranson hit there was never any doubt he was going to plow right into the back of his torso.  Have no idea what he was thinking.

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58 minutes ago, Toews said:

Should be 2 games. His numbers were visible the entire time, you can't make that hit. Someone mentioned Kassian on Hartman, that was a hit more to the side than right into the numbers.

From Guddy's point of view, he would have had a clear line of sight to his left shoulder. Not to mention taking into account the direction he was skating, he looked to where he was going to pass the puck and saw Guddy in his peripheral. At the exact instant when Guddy committed to the hit he turned his back.

It's unfortunate timing, I don't expect anything to come from this just a stern warning. Guddy is not a repeat offender, and the player saw the hit coming and intentionally put himself in a vulnerable position.

You make it sound like he had his back turned the entire time and Guddy came in and steam rolled intentionally.


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Just now, Green Building said:

That's a little more like it. I feel great though, I drowned my sorrows in weed and Thursday Night Football. Way more entertaining than our Nucks tonight.

Why'd you bring up Gordie, man? I'm always a bit fragile after a loss.


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