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  1. raise welfare to $3,000/mo imo

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    2. #Canucks


      Look at Ontario they are in debt billions of dollars. If you work hard, you get paid. If you want to be lazy you collect $700/mo until you wake up and start working. Disability is a completely different topic.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      yeah but ON's debt has nothing to do with the UBI pilot. 


      Disability programs in Canada are lousy. Yes we have the federal RDSP, but you can only use that if you already make so much $ that you have extra for the plan. I've done a fair bit of work for disability groups and always tell people to make sure to get disability insurance, our system won't be there for you. 

    4. coastal.view


      a difficult topic

      but i do think that whatever that amount ends up being

      a corollary to it is that the amount of income workers can earn tax free

      should be at least 150% of the welfare amount

      so if it is 3000 workers can earn 4,500 monthly or 54,000 annually tax free

      and still taxes need to be paid to cover societal expenses and needs

      not sure what the best amount is

      but there needs to be a clear incentive to reward actual workers in all this

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