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  1. Thank You Jim Benning.

    The first three years they thought they could get a playoff team and ended up being the worst team over the past three years What was he suppose to do not fill the cupboards while getting top ten pick year in and year out. No other gm in Canucks history has had as many top ten picks.and we’ve had some bad teams over that time in fact I do believe jim has multiple records in the franchise worst category. It’s still to be determined if his top picks turn into bonifined to players in the nhl. So Yes we have a great prospect pool BUT so did the oilers when they were run by Kevin Lowe does that make him a great gm too, just because the team sucks and they draft high every year to fill the cupboard doesn’t mean anything. if jim could have had his way we’d be a bubble wildcard team every year and would have picked way higher so is it’s kinda a forced rebuild More than a well planned one. But yeah great job for doing what he had no other choice but to do because his playoff plan failed miserably.
  2. Battles at camp

    Unless some trades are made I think there’s only two forward spots to “ battle” for. Goldobin gaunce Pettersson Leipsic motte Gaudette who requires waivers and who doesn’t is the only battle. Gagme eriksdone boeser Horvat bearcheese sutter shaller virtanen beagle grandlund Roussel ..... edler tanev mdz pooalot stecher hutton biega gud Markstrom and Nielsen. So again unless there’s a trade we have 11 forwards locked in 8 d 2 goalies 21 of 23 spots. Unless you believe the “we will make room” BS.
  3. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    The logjam isn’t because of picks and prospects it’s because of ufa signings of depth players something any team could have if they signed 10 bottom six/pairing ufas. Of which 7 (the three this summer mdz gagme eriksdone and Nielsen) will be in the line up regardless of how they play. yes benning has gotten more picks and prospects in the system being the sh.tiest team will do that. And if his top picks don’t become top players then he should be gone because it means HE missed with something no other Canucks GM has had and that a handful of to ten picks. He should have next season and the one after to turn it around or he should be gone and rightfully so. The end of the 19/20 season if the team isnt a wildcard bubble team or better he’s failed.and hopefully ownership stops waiting for him to figure it out.
  4. Sam Gagner | #89 | C/W

    Hated it when he was signed, another easy to play against bottom 4 player that brings very little. Spends more time picking him self up off the ice than anything. Hawks want him two pucks not even a full bag and they can have him.
  5. Must be more to it than those two. Doesn’t make any sense for zona if it just hossa and whoeverthatguyis. Suspect IF and when it’s anounced picks will be included.
  6. He got the same opportunity in the preseason to beat out biega or pedan. I doubt the pens asked for him in the pooalot trade, He wasn’t a stand out, I didn’t understand why benning even signed him when we already had better options as depth and he was signed as depth thats what he was. he didn’t get picked off waivers when he was sent down so he couldn’t have had to many other offers, He might like the KHL look how well others have done. Less maybe the whole goat sacrifice thing but hey when in Rome I’d wish him Good luck.
  7. Meh. Wasn’t happy he was signed here did nothing to earn a spot.even pedan was out playing him. Playing the KHL Where he belongs. Nucks didn’t damage derail anything as a #8 dman days your numbed so you better be noticeable every shift just ask biega.
  8. [Discussion] Bring Hamhuis back?

    No, bring up youth and the future let the past be the past. Another old slow dman that gets pushed off the puck easier than gagme fall down isn’t what we need.
  9. Finish Third worst pick 5th. Team will be harder to play against but scoring will still be a problem...again as will keeping pucks out of the net....again. HOWEVER......... The 19/20 season the corner will be turned and the out of the ashes of despair will rise an orca in the shape of the letter C. While shannaplans CAP out, A revamp from the west will emerge and quickly become a dominant force that 1 Oil covered McMuffin or a flaming little Jonny hockey won’t be able to contain.
  10. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I redundant non phyical inefffective bottom six player that should have never been signed. They though he’d help the power play he didn’t. Invisible most nights except when he’s picking him self of the ice, falls More than mason Raymond. Won’t be missed,when he’s gone. Rather see a young player earning his spot than guys like this gifted spots. Same could be said for Ericksdone .
  11. Tampa will be a beast if this happens.
  12. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    The plus minus on a bad team doesn’t do anyone any favours espicailly when the goaltender lets the first shot in. I get what your saying thou,
  13. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    Lower. call it the adjustment year the adjustment - 100 points was taken out of the line up two very good players that could eat minutes and were responsible. not to many team that lose two to of their best top six players go onto improve. Goaltending the same and it wasn’t all that good last year The d hasn’t improved at all. We’ve downgraded at forward. Tougher and grittier and hopefully another rookie or two make the line up and it will be a fun year to watch. no longer I can’t believe there not butter Canucks some trades are needed thou to make room for some more kids. OJ Hughes Ep would great to see as Canucks regulars. Alone side jake bo and brock That alone will sell more tickets. i think one more bad season and then we will to start to climb out of the basement.
  14. Benning prediction from 2015-16 season.....

    He hasn’t done himself any favours by “staying competitive” which we haven’t been. Would we be better off had he done gone all in right away and tore it down? Something he and linden both said wasn’t nessasary....i think so. But who knows. I think if he had a do over he would do things differently the whole rebuild on the fly was a mess. Eat it and rebuild. Hire a rookie gm and president who think they can achieve something not many if any have managed in the history of the league (a complete rebuild while staying competitive) and the learning curve is unforgiving and steep. i doubt the Canucks will be in the “elite” class anytime soon even if every top pick pans out, there are just too many holes throughout the line up. I do believe we will be competitive not this coming season but the one after. Then we can start climbing up. Will benning be here when the team starts winning? I don’t think so. Surviving 5 or 6 losing season isn’t easy for the best of gms.
  15. Would love for Karlsson to come out now and say he’s going to ufa no matter what happens...... give a public list of 1 team he’s willing to go to for this season make sure it’s a cap crunched team. Play out his days as a sen and wave goodbye to the cr.p owners with a certain finger.
  16. I doubt he’d answer the phone if he saw Vancouver Canucks on his caller Id. hes not signing and extension here so........ Someone’s gonna over pay and thankfully it won’t be Vancouver.
  17. [Signing] Sharks re-sign Joe Thornton

    5mill for one last kick, I think it’s time thou. At 39 years old Retirement would have been the right call,
  18. Canucks announce new hockey operations roles

    Some good moves. Improves the entire club.
  19. more mediocre free agents for too much too long

    I’m not one to defend spender jim however...... JB linden said no big fish now you say more mediocre signings so I’d have to presume you agree they didn’t get any big fish. they said they wanted to add some grit and toughness.....well that would describe all three of these signings they’d picked up three effective bottom six we really haven’t had an effective bottom six in years hence why we are always trying guys like down motte Ext mid way though the season. these three pick up make more sense than most of the ufas we’ve signed here they fill an actual need. And if need be two of the three are the type of players playoff bound teams look for to add depth for the cup run so...... Gagme and eriksdone are the one that need to go. Invisibility isn’t a super power in the nhl. Jb did ok.......I feel dirty now.
  20. Future buyout, flames are doing what jets said they wouldn’t paint themselves into a corner and be forced to make cap trades. as pointed out 18/23 signed 34/50 contracts and 12 mill the key additions in the Hamilton trade not signed and next summer some more rfas are due for raises. Bennet MT. Its almost like having cap space hurts GMs.
  21. Here's what we got now !

    That could be the worst second line in the so we have 3/4 of a top line and 2 1/4 3 third lines and one 4th line. really need to move some out to make room for some skill.
  22. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I’m no benning superfan . But I can say these are the type of players/signings we’ve needed for years. this team has been way to easy to play against for way to long. While I wish the term was less, it is the official overpay day either term or dollar or in some cases both. I like these signings I’d like them even more if we could get rid of past mistakes gagme and eriksdone. Atleast we won’t be complete pushovers. And it won’t all be on one guys shoulders like it was with dorsett. Overall a good day.
  23. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Some one should check on don cherry he probably had a jammer and sh,t his bed pan........or maybe just let sleeping dog lie. The hype train will be unstoppable.
  24. if only we could get rid of the mistakes from the past two seasons.... eriksdone and gagme. I do like that benning addressed the fact the caucks were the easiest team in the league to play against. We actually se a body check this season how exciting.