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  1. I had the same thought. This cap hit and correspondingly low qualifying offer amount make him a potentially great trade chip, especially if he can build off last year.
  2. Fair points though I believe the Canucks will stick with past practice of 13 F, 8 D and 2 goalies. So long as Haula and Soderberg are UFAs, it does seem like the Canucks are on a path to buying out Sutter.
  3. Is that according to CapFriendly? If yes, then they are showing about $1.05M in space with the cap hits of all three players you mentioned counted. Their numbers also include Jack Rathbone at $0.925M so subtracting him bumps up cap space to about $2M. If management demotes Eriksson and Baertschi (not Benn), then unless I'm mistaken, the Canucks should have $1.075M of cap savings for each of them which bumps up their cap space to about $2.45M factoring in bonuses and overages. Assuming Virtanen is signing for $2M to $2.45M, the Canucks might not need to make a trade to fit him but they also won't be able to afford to keep a 21 person roster unless they demote someone like Benn. If the Canucks intend to tinker with the roster any more, then they have to make a trade.
  4. With all due respect to the team and the players, that roster reads like an All Star Game roster from the late 2000s or early-to-mid 2010s. I think all those guys can still contribute as complimentary players for the Leafs but it does seem strange to see the Leafs go in that direction. They still have lots of young talent so you could say that they're still a team to watch, or they'll at least be "interesting".
  5. As long as Flower keeps a good attitude, I think this could work out fine for Vegas. The drama triggered by Flower's agent did not help but it seems management is content to keep him unless they can find a taker for him. I can't see any current team willing to take on Flower's full contract and give him the #1 role at this point in his career. Who knows, maybe Flower will get to play for Seattle as I suspect teams are doing a better of job of protecting their goalies this time round which would presumably mean that he would be the goalie left exposed
  6. Since Hughes doesn't require protection and Edler will be a UFA (not requiring protection), I presume right now the only D the Canucks will most likely be protecting is Schmidt. I'm pretty sure Rathbone won't need protection. Juolevi and Rafferty might need protection but who knows how either progresses this year. If Myers has a decent year, then I don't see any harm with protecting him. At this point it doesn't seem like the Canucks have that many D that they need to protect anyway. If someone displaces Myers, then at least the Canucks still have the option of exposing Myers. Seattle can have their pick of Eriksson, Myers, Ferland, Roussel and Beagle (assuming the Canucks protect three of Motte, Virtanen, MacEwen and/or Gaudette). I think the Canucks are in a solid position for the expansion draft unless they add a player or two before the expansion draft that mess up their expansion position. COVID aside, if the Canucks add any more players, then there are a lot of good reasons for the Canucks to only bring in a UFA for 1-year or trade for a player who either won't need protection or who would be an improvement over a player who they would have otherwise protected.
  7. If there were some way to pry Batherson out of Ottawa, then I think that would be great for the Canucks. The only way I see Ottawa being interested in a deal with the Canucks at this point is if they think highly of guys like Gaudette and/or Virtanen. The Canucks might be able to add a contract like Sutter's and/or Benn's (perhaps with some retention) in that case since both end after this year and both can still be useful players (which is also a reason why the Canucks may not be in a hurry to move those contracts). After signing Dadonov, the Senators are in no danger of falling below the cap floor and they still have to re-sign Tierney and Connor Brown. I suspect they may be exploring trade options either or both of them. Brown was a decent depth player with the Leafs and had a productive year last year so I could see teams having an interest in him. The main problem is whether teams can afford him (and, for the Senators, whether they want to pay him). This might be a pipe dream, but if the Senators were willing to include a guy like Batherson with Tierney (considering also their recent draft haul), then I personally would be OK with a deal involving both of Gaudette and Virtanen for Tierney and Batherson where the Canucks also add Sutter and/or Benn with some retention on Sutter. There could be other pieces included if it's unbalanced. If the Canucks retain 1/2 of Sutter's contract, then the Senators basically get a 3rd line center for just over $2M which is probably far less than what Tierney could be due (if the Senators envision him as a middle 6 center). Gaudette is less proven then Colin White but if the Senators like his potential and if White is trending down, then he's at a good age range to compete with White and grow with the Senators' core with a young group of excellent prospects incoming. Virtanen might be an attractive option to play with Tkachuk (although Dadonov is probably currently pencilled in to play with Tkachuk). I think Tierney could be a very good 3rd line center for the Canucks. He has a history of success on the PK and he has two-way ability. Having Tierney join the Canucks will give them more options on the PK as well as better 5-on-5 two-way ability. Batherson is still a prospect but I have liked his game and given the fact he plays both C and RW, he could slot in on RW in the middle 6. He's a bit of a step back in progress in terms of proven production at the NHL level compared to Gaudette, but he's got great potential and is under contract for $736,666K for this year. That will help give the Canucks cap room to sign another forward or re-sign someone like Josh Leivo who is a solid mid-to-bottom 6 RW.
  8. With Reinhart and Olofsson still needing to sign, I don't think the Sabres would be interested in acquiring Eriksson, not unless it resulted in moving out around the same $. I don't know how Okposo is nowadays but from what I can tell, he has declined significantly so I expect the Sabres would want to move out his contract. Problem is that he has 3 more years on his deal. It would be great for the Sabres but not so great for the Canucks to make a swap like that (if they even had the cap space to do it). I doubt Buffalo would want to retain for Okposo in that situation which could be maybe the only way I could see that working (e.g. Okposo (1/2) + Miller for Eriksson + pick or mid-tier prospect). I suspect Buffalo could have more interest in a Sutter for Miller swap but that doesn't save the Canucks much cap, adds nearly $4M in salary/cap for next year, and leaves a gap in the forward unit unless they are confident that Gaudette can fill the 3C role. Until Ottawa signed Dadonov yesterday, I thought the Canucks might have a better shot of making a deal with them but I don't think they'll have much interest in what the Canucks have to offer based on their recent roster decisions. They have done pretty well for themselves this offseason IMHO.
  9. Gaudette did get PP time and helped to improve the Canucks 2nd PP so I think he has that going for him. Notwithstanding his 30-points, I can see his value being impeded by the things he doesn't do. If the Canucks can re-sign him to $2M or below, then that will help with the cap situation quite a bit.
  10. I expect Eriksson to show up at camp. If Eriksson earns a spot, then great, but at this stage I don't think that's a reasonable expectation. I think it would be along the lines of what the Canucks did with Sam Gagner, e.g. management loaning him to the Texas Stars or something else that would be friendly for his family. Something has to give if Eriksson cannot earn a spot and really, outside of being a safe player to deploy, Eriksson has been a shadow of what he was even the year before signing with the Canucks.
  11. Makes the most sense if Frederik Andersen is traded. Unless the Leafs plan to carry three goalies all season, either Dell or Campbell would have to clear waivers and at $800K, there could easily be a team that would be happy to claim Dell before the season starts. Maybe Chicago?
  12. Sautner has had a hard time in injuries dating back to Junior IIRC but in the stretches he has played at the NHL level, he's been good depth. I'm probably wrong but with Sautner re-signed, I would imagine the Canucks may not be looking at bringing back Fantenberg?
  13. Bad deal might be a bit harsh. Management might not have maximized the deal (i.e. obtained an asset along with Schmidt) but a 3rd round pick for a player of Schmidt's caliber has to be great value from an objective standpoint. In any other season a top-4 D, let alone a potentially top-2 D, would be worth much more than a 3rd.
  14. I think the Canucks will continue to kick tires for LE but I suspect that if any $ moves out this off season, it could be Sutter and/or Baertschi with $ retained. They're only under contract for one more year so: pros include: saving cap this year without having any cap to worry about for them after this season it's probably easier to pitch them to a team than LE since they're only under contract for this season if the Canucks retain, then teams will probably need less of a sweetener to take them on cons include: not as much savings if they're the only ones who get moved, especially if the Canucks end up retaining Canucks probably won't get much value back from other teams other than saving some cap hard to know how much of a market there is since there are UFAs available that would cost teams nothing other than $ to acquire Personally, I'm expecting management to move out Sutter and/or Baertschi. I think they could be successful with this if they retain. It would have been harder last year because they both had one additional year remaining but with how things have changed this year, there might be more of a market for them. Sutter acquitted himself well in the playoffs so I suspect some teams may still be willing to take him on especially at half his $. Benn is a possibility too but I wonder if he's still of greater value to the Canucks at $2M. If they retain any $ on Benn, then it won't really that much savings in cap and they would still need someone to replace him. Management may be comfortable with Brisebois and Chatfield being the 7th and 8th D but it still seems like it would be ideal for them to remain in Utica. As for Barzal as a comparable for Petey, I think that's a very good comparable in terms of production and importance to team. Sebastian Aho is also a good comparable for both, IMHO. I suspect Barzal and Petey's contracts will be more in the range of Aho rather than Marner or Matthews, especially since they're in the COVID era.