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  1. Connolly is indeed an interesting name. He had a decent season with the Caps a couple seasons ago. I can't see the Canucks dealing Boeser and not re-signing Toffoli though, even if it means the addition of Ekblad. As much as I like Leivo, if the Canucks do this deal and roll into next season with Connolly and Leivo as their top-6 RWers, then that would be very concerning. While having Podkolzin and Hoglander incoming helps alleviate some concerns, it would seem like a pretty significant downgrade since we don't really know what we have in those two prospects yet.
  2. I don't mind the players but making it all fit under the cap is the challenge if the Canucks don't at least move out Sutter's contract first or find a way to deal with Eriksson's.
  3. In previous years, would have been supportive of this reclamation project. Galchenyuk has had trouble adapting from a scorer to a two-way forward which is probably what he is going to need to become. It's too bad. He had a lot of promise as a scorer early on with the Habs and then the wheels fell off. He's young enough that I think he could still turn it around, but I don't think there's room for him with the Canucks, even at a low cap hit.
  4. Good for Manny. While Manny brought a lot more to the team than coaching on faceoffs, I'm sure he made a significant difference in that part of the game. Hopefully Bo, Miller and Beagle can continue the work.
  5. No, he's a UFA but it sounded like JB wanted him back and that Leivo was interested in returning.
  6. I am still having a hard time fathoming how adding Dumba for Boeser helps the Canucks. Yes, Hoglander and Podkolzin are probably incoming in the next year or year and a half, but adding Toffoli was intended to complete the top 6 including Boeser. If the Canucks do trade Boeser, then is their plan to play Leivo in the top 6? I suppose that could work as Leivo has shown he can be a decent middle 6 forward, but if the deal also involves trading Gaudette, I really really don't see how this helps with the Canucks. For proposals that include Boeser, Gaudette and Sutter, my main question would be who ends up playing C for the Canucks in that case. Yes, Miller can play C but do we really want to have the line up as Petey, Horvat, Miller, Beagle when Miller has proven to be an excellent face-off taking winger for Petey? There would need to be more pieces in play to make this happen.
  7. RNH for Dumba makes sense $ wise since it's a wash and both teams more or less address a key need. RNH hasn't played as much C for awhile but he has been decent in that position over the years. If they have concerns about RNH's F/O, then I guess if Bjugstad plays on the same line, then they could have Bjugstad do what Miller does for Petey although Bjugstad's numbers have taken a dive overall for the past couple seasons. The deal would result in Edmonton having a lot of $ committed to D but several contracts are expiring at the end of next year (including RNH's) so it might not be that bad. Nurse-Dumba could be a very solid pairing to roll out with Klefbom-Larsson. Their forward depth would still be rather terrible however. As much as it would be nice to see Dumba with the Canucks, I'm not sure I see a great fit either regarding play or with pieces. Boeser makes the most sense as a potential trade piece just from $ and the Minnesota connection, but losing Boeser would basically place the Canucks in the same hole they were before they acquired Toffoli. For that reason I don't see a Boeser for Dumba deal making much sense. If the Wild like Gaudette then maybe there might be something there but the $ wouldn't work. The Wild would need to absorb some salary with Gaudette.
  8. To me, a potential comparable for Motte could be Brandon Tanev. He signed a $3.5M AAV last year. Now, Tanev was a UFA and was coming off a nearly 30 point season so he has certainly out performed Motte in that regard. That probably helps drop the AAV for the Canucks. My guess is that Motte might be able to get $2M-$2.25M as a UFA but not sure about as a RFA, even with arbitration rights. If the Canucks give Motte term, then maybe something in the higher range between $1M-$2M might be doable. Though I would hope for closer to the middle of that range. I don't know what it would cost the Canucks to re-sign Leivo.
  9. If the Canucks can secure Toffoli for close to $5M per year, then I would personally consider that a good deal. It's not a steal, but a good deal. It would say something about Toffoli to as I would think that he could have received more from other teams and if he's around Miller money, then that will keep most salaries in the top 6 in line with one another. Petey is presumably going to get paid big, as will Hughes, but if they can be surrounded by 2-3 guys in the $5M+ range (top-6 only), then the Canucks will be in decent shape financially. Obviously they still have to do something about Eriksson's and Sutter's contracts, but having Toffoli in the $5M range would solidify the Canucks top-6 up and until guys like Hoglander and Podkolzin start proving their mettle in the NHL.
  10. The Canucks may not be in terrible cap shape without completely shedding Eriksson's contract if: they can bury a portion of Eriksson's and Sutter's contracts in the minors; they either walk away from or trade Virtanen and Stecher; they can obtain some certainty about Ferland prior to next season; they don't re-sign either Markstrom or Toffoli to exorbitant contracts. Probably going to be impossible to sign both; and they really do promote from within such as with Juolevi and Rafferty. I actually think that Ferland's situation is the most tricky. His situation means that they probably need to treat their cap situation as if he will in fact be on the roster. That's $3.5M in cap space that they need to keep around in case he's healthy at any point in the season. Ferland has a NMC next year so he can't be demoted and he can't be traded and I highly doubt he would agree to be traded. If Ferland is willing to be traded however, then maybe a low cap team might be willing to take him on along with acquiring one of our young RFAs. Can't see that happening though. Of course if they can find a way to completely shed Eriksson's and Sutter's contracts, then they would be in amazing shape, but that's presumably a pipe dream.
  11. That seems like a particularly revealing 20 minute interview. Not entirely surprised at the direction as much as with the disclosure. It doesn't seem to leave much room for Marky in Van for the long term. Very curious if JB is receiving indications of interest in RFAs with willingness to receive salary from the Canucks along with the RFA. There might be a stronger market than we think.
  12. Sounds like Leivo was on track for a possible Final return, if the Canucks had advanced. That's great news for Leivo. I would like the Canucks to bring back Leivo if possible. He's a UFA so maybe he wants to find another destination, but IMHO he's exactly the kind of depth that the team needs.
  13. It certainly seemed that way. Hodgson was a genuinely good player. It came as a surprise that there were alleged issues going on in the background regarding playing time, and an even bigger surprise when his career ended so early due to health problems.
  14. I could see Ottawa being a trading partner. They have 3 1st Rd picks and 4 2nd Rd picks. Even if they give up 1 of those seven picks, that can help accelerate their competitiveness. For better or worse, Jake's regular season performance shows he's at least an NHL player. He might gel well with someone like Brady Tkachuk who naturally does more of the kind of work Jake was hoped to do. I think Jake's someone who will get involved physically but he's not the guy to lead others into a fight. It might be worth a shot for the Senators for a pick that might not otherwise pan out. They have quite a few RFAs with arbitration rights. Can't see the Canucks being interested in taking any of those guys back pre-arbitration, but it's an intriguing option if the Canucks can put together a deal that gets Eriksson's (or even Ferland's) full contract over to the Senators.
  15. I think the most disappointing part of Jake's performance in the playoffs is that he really seemed to be turning a corner during the regular season. He had a legitimately good regular season and if he actually finished with a 20G 20A season, I think most of us would be thinking that he had finally started to capture the form we have been hoping for. Jake was even playing reasonably well at both ends of the rink. Jake had a few good moments in the playoffs and maybe that will help him as management decides what to do this offseason. Throwing in arbitration rights for Jake this summer however and GM JB's comments, it definitely feels like the team might be ready to move on from Jake. There's a good chance of that even if Jake accepts his QO. I can't see them not at least qualifying Jake so I'm expecting him to be traded this summer. I won't be upset if Jake is retained but I would imagine there are only so many chances he has left to show that he can be a regular contributing member of this team.