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  1. I agree that Green's comments actually speak to him thinking highly of Hoglander. It can be tough for players to get shuffled around often, and maybe the need for that will diminish when the team is healthy and in a good rhythm, but to be seen as a guy who can make just about any other linemate better is a great attribute.
  2. I like McAvoy in general but $9.5M AAV is terribly high of an AAV. His production is reasonably good but isn't exceptional. If $9M+ is the new "standard" for a decent good young Dman, then at least some elements of the league seem to expect a major increase in the cap and/or significant increases in league revenue. While the Islanders are a traditionally "stingy" team, their cap numbers are generally more in line with what seems reasonable. Pulock just re-signed for the same term but at more than $3M AAV less than McAvoy. Pulock is 4-years older so that could account for some perceived lesser "value" but his contract is, if I'm not mistaken, covering all UFA years. Pulock would presumably have been able to get much more on the open market.
  3. I agree that if Podz is getting very limited usage, then there may be benefit with having him play in Abbotsford for part of the season. Even though there's no 10-game rule for Podz, maybe coaching and management are giving him similar treatment to evaluate his transition to the NHL. If they do need to send Podz down now, I'm pretty sure this would be pretty easy since he's waiver exempt and I believe this would not have the same cap impact compared with cutting him for the opening night NHL roster. I think Podz will be given every chance to stay with the NHL club all year. Let's hope Podz can find his next gear and comfort level with corresponding increased playing time in the next few games but even he doesn't and ends up being demoted, I'm sure we'll see him again quickly.
  4. Keppen makes the opening night roster for the Abbotsford Canucks. Good for him. Hopefully Keppen can make some waves. Like many others, I was disappointed with the loss of Gadjovich on waivers since he seemed like one of the more likely prospects to make the jump to the NHL in the near future. It will be interesting to see if prospects like Keppen, Kunz or McDonough (who seems to be coming along very nicely) will be able to move up the prospect pipeline more strongly with the loss of Gadjovich. Can't forget Klimovich who seems to be assessed as not being too far away from making the jump either.
  5. Burroughs has definitely been a surprise through camp and the first game of the season. Even though that's been good, Rathbone and Burroughs both played very limited minutes last night so we'll see how things look if he is given more responsibility (and Rathbone, for that matter).
  6. Signs look promising that he's a bottom 6 forward with good size and wheels who knows where needs to be to play defensively sound hockey, can kill penalties, and has the ability to play a physical game. I agree that Lammikko could well cement a spot in the bottom 6 even on a healthy squad, especially with Sutter potentially out long term. I thought it was telling that Green put him out in the final minute of play. Already seems to trust him.
  7. The team looks like it's still trying to find it's rhythm, particularly on offense. Pettersson looks like he's still shaking off some rust but he's getting chances and looks dangerous almost every shift, so it feels like the results will come. The defense was thankfully not quite the tire fire that most were concerned about but obviously this is just one game. Still, OEL-Myers doesn't look terrible and Hughes look like he has made adjustments that will help immensely, especially with a steadier partner like Poolman. I was also encouraged by signs of the improved forward depth. Even with Sutter and Motte out, the Canucks depth at forward does look improved with Dowling not looking entirely out place and Hoglander adding a lot to the bottom 6. None of them stood out for wrong reasons, which is good. As much as it sucks to start the season on a 6 game road trip, who knows, this might be good for the team to not have distractions of playing at home and just learning how to gel as a team. Considering that Boeser did not play, I think there's a lot to be encouraged about the team's performance tonight. It's a long season of course but there are good things to build from tonight.
  8. Outside of Boeser's absence, it will be good to see how the team rolls with most of the personnel for the top-2 lines in action. It will also be interesting to see how the Dcore holds up against the Oilers.
  9. If Juho is even an approximation of Jarkko Ruutu, then I think that's a win for the Canucks. Jarkko was a super pest. In 2005-2006, we had Ruutu, Matt Cooke, Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows. A quarter of the forward group were super pests (although perhaps not quite with that reputation by that point of the season).
  10. That's brutal. Hope you have seen at least some improvement over that time?
  11. Or maybe more Motte-Lammikko-Chiasson given the news about Sutter's health problems. My guess is Petan is waived after Boeser returns and then Highmore is waived after Motte returns?
  12. That would be my guess, until Motte is back. I think Dowling stays on and Highmore is waived once Motte is healthy. Dowling's ability to play C is a significant advantage.
  13. I don't mind Chiasson with Petey while Boeser is out. Chiasson has reasonable wheels to keep up with play and has had a good career as a depth scorer. He can play up in the lineup for stretches as a complimentary guy. I do wonder how he fits once Boeser is back, but he seems like a guy who can make it work.
  14. For me the ship has sailed but I definitely wouldn't mind him coming back. At this point, I'm not going to hold my breath or anything, but it's certainly a plausible outcome if SJS decides they can't fit him in.
  15. Puckpedia has Gadjovich on IR. I guess he got injured some time after the waiver pickup. Could still mean that the Canucks would reclaim him after he's healthy and may or may not have a spot with the Sharks' NHL roster.
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