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  1. I agree this is the most likely scenario. Even if Rathbone blows the doors off at camp, it's too easy for management to send Rathbone down to Abbotsford until they can find out what to do with Juolevi.
  2. I'm very curious what the Canucks will do with Juolevi this season. Brad Hunt seems like he could be a 7/8 D along with Schenn (if the Canucks carry 2 reserve D). This signals to me that one of the LD spots will be fought for by Juolevi and Rathbone (Hunt, Brisebois and Stephens as well, for matter). Administratively speaking, Juolevi may have an advantage since he requires waivers and might be someone another team would claim if waived (at least more so than a guy like Hunt, perhaps). Additionally, I'm not expecting Juolevi to sign for more than his QO which means he
  3. Reaves has been a huge part of the identity of the Knights along with Fleury. The team eventually needed to move on from them (as they decline and/or retire) but it will be very interesting to see how they play next year. They have played with a lot of swagger but I wonder how much of that was tied to having a guy like Reaves. They're still a good team: very strong up front (on the wines 6 mostly), Pietrangelo and Theodore anchoring their D, and Lehner in goal. I agree with others though that it feels like they have taken a step back. Stone is moving towards the end of his prim
  4. It's deals like this that make it genuinely concerning how much Hughes and Petey are going to demand. Werenski is being paid more than Makar. I get that this is Werenski's deal after a bridge whereas Makar is just coming off his ELC, but Werenski is not better than Makar (IMHO) even if he has a longer resume.
  5. Knock on Gaunce was always his skating. Top speed was probably league average and took him longer to get there. He has a good shot and is responsible at both ends of the rink, but skating really held him back. Hope Gaunce will find NHL success with CBJ, even if it's more in a depth role on a 4th line.
  6. Over $2M a year seems a bit rich for what he's done in the NHL so far but could be a steal if he comes close to his ceiling.
  7. I could see Heinen doing well with the Penguins. May have some opportunities to play with Crosby or Malkin if injuries hit.
  8. Personally, I think Dillon was the upgrade on Poolman (and Forbort), and I would be prepared to say that Dillon is no doubt a better Dman than Poolman. They are both defensively oriented but Dillon's ability to play a physical game while also being respectably able to get the puck out of the Dzone is superior. One could argue that Schmidt was an upgrade on Poolman as well, but Schmidt has such a different playing style and role that I think his addition to the Jets' blue line had more to do with bringing more speed and puck carrying ability to their D core than being a knock on a
  9. I think that's just it - on its face it's a strange deal in terms of $ and term since Poolman's not at all a household name. Having watched a few Jets games, I have seen Poolman play and the "good" news is that he's not super "noticeable" in game. He plays a steady, safe, defensive style and skates pretty well. He's a fairly big guy so he can handle larger opposing forwards and has more strength to win board battles. He needs to be paired with a D who can skate the puck out or connect passes with the forwards more effectively, but overall he's a pretty run of the mill defensive
  10. $2.5M per year for Poolman is not crazy. He's not a flashy dman in the slightest and the analytics obviously don't look that favorable, but he was an important part of their D core. Personally the additions of Dillon and Schmidt address an overall deficiency in their D core and between those two guys, I think Dillon is more of a Forbort/Poolman replacement whereas Schmidt brings an element of mobility on offense to their D core which has been lacking. Morrisey and Demelo have not been bad in that regard, but if Schmidt is on his game, then he can at least compliment them in the top 6. I th
  11. 2022 1st Rd Pick, I assume? ARI continuing to stock up on picks. If this is a 2022 1st Rd pick, then that's 8 picks in the first 2 rounds in 2022.
  12. Was that the reported price WSH was willing to pay SEA to take Dillon? If so, then in hindsight, Seattle could have received a 2nd and conditional 3rd for selecting Dillon (never taking Vinacek) and then flip Dillon to Winnipeg for two 2nds.
  13. That's a good point about earning their minutes. This AHL team is stocked with experienced pros. Prospects are both insulated and challenged to elevate themselves. I know the AHL has a veteran limit so I wonder how all these signings affect that?
  14. The Canucks also have a bit more depth to pull from than in past seasons. It sounds like most of the Abbotsford signings today are at least two-way contracts. For example, Nic Petan could be an interesting call up for spot duty in the event of injury. Dowling too. This is important as they will eventually need "restock" Abbotsford with draft picks alongside free agent signings like this. If they can make Abbotsford a fun and successful team to play for, then it might actually help with continuing to keep a healthy level of depth at the AHL for the NHL Canucks.
  15. In one day, management has nearly completed the rosters of two teams.
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