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  1. Very modest raise for a guy who plays a very important position very well. Great signing for the Jets. This is a career year (in terms of points per game) for Lowry. My guess is Lowry would have received more in UFA.
  2. I guess Rathbone is a week away? I assume this does not affect his expansion exemption. Will be good to see him in NHL action. Looks like we could see Lind and Rathbone next week which will be neat. Both are likely important pieces for the near future right now. Will be nice to see Bowey as well.
  3. I agree with the line-up change having Miller as the 3C. If the Canucks make that change permanent, then it helps immensely with their line-up options. The Lotto line has been great but Miller has shown that he can lead a line at C. Pettersson has been great, no doubt, but the next step in his development is to be the #1C. Podkolzin, assuming he pans out (which I think should be highly probable), is likely a good fit with Pettersson and Boeser as he's big, strong and relentless on the forecheck which will likely open up time and space for them. He can finish too. I
  4. The Canucks should just play with an empty net. Maybe tip the net over like in shinny.
  5. Right, forgot about that change. Well then, Lind is good to go. Hope to see him make his debut on Friday but I also understand the team is overall very apprehensive about returning to play.
  6. Lind should have completed his 2-week quarantine by now so I assume there's a very good chance he's in the line-up given how many players are still not expected to have completed protocol by Friday.
  7. Both Ristolainen and Eakin are UFAs after next year whereas Miller has an additional year. I suppose that additional value might be compensated for the Canucks by Buffalo also taking Virtanen's cap hit and salary for next year. Probably relatively fair but I agree that Buffalo would probably still need to add. Miller has been a point per game player since joining the Canucks and the cost control for 2-more years instead of just 1 should be extremely valuable. You can't sign a PPG player in UFA at $5.25M. Not the biggest fan of Ristolainen but he does (on paper) meet a lot of te
  8. I think your point about Giordano is fair and it's a good reminder that some players just take longer to put it all together even if the odds are low. The best thing Bowey can do is, over the remainder of the season, to play as simple and solid a game as possible and just take advantage of opportunities that clearly present themselves rather than forcing plays. He obviously held a lot of promise and could still put it together. If Bowey can at least be a reasonably solid depth NHL D then he can still secure himself a decent NHL career. If Bowey can at least do that, then I think his natura
  9. That's just it however. I'm not necessarily in the "Fire Benning!" camp but I think there are credible reasons to question whether he, as GM, can move the Canucks into the next phase of their development (the focus of this thread). The unfortunate thing is that practically, it's highly unusual for an incumbent GM to willingly give up his position for a supporting role even if that might really be the type of role he is best suited for. Having someone like Benning in the organization is important to ensure that even in time of great success, it is re-stocking the cupboards as best as possibl
  10. I'm not holding out much hope for Bowey to find his niche with the Canucks but it would be great to see it happen, even if it ends up being as a depth D. Being a RHD is advantageous for him since that is highly coveted and it's a position the Canucks don't have much true depth in. Bowey's a guy that fans would have been ecstatic about acquiring a few years ago. I'm curious where Bowey ranks in the eyes of management and coaching with regard to Rafferty and Chatfield. He's definitely ahead of Woo for now but seeing as he's under contract next year also, I wonder if that means the
  11. If there were locker room issues with Gaudette then it would make sense why the Canucks were more willing to move him without recouping as much value. At this point Highmore does not inspire much confidence that the Canucks have acquired at least an exciting piece of the puzzle for the future. At best, Highmore seems like a lesser Hawryluk (who is more versatile since he can also play C). I'll be curious to see how the Blackhawks end up using Gaudette. Even though their core is aging, they're still a deeper team at forward than the Canucks. Gaudette could get a chanc
  12. If the Canucks decide to go the route of buying cap space from another team, my guess is that they would be more willing to give up a pick than they are Rathbone, especially in this year's draft. Rathbone is probably the most NHL ready of any of the Canucks' D prospects. Any pick the Canucks make would probably be someone who is at least a couple years away (they're going to pick high this year but this year is also a total crapshoot since players have played so little). I'm sure other teams would ask for someone like Rathbone as the cost of taking on Eriksson's salary, but that
  13. As much as I can understand if the players don't really want to play out the rest of the season, it will be nice to see the Canucks back in action. For one, I'm curious if we will see Kole Lind make his NHL debut. It would be great to see Lind get some NHL game action.
  14. Thought they might sign him as a depth D last offseason. Not terrible to move back one round to pick him up and he helps with the expansion draft too. I wouldn't have been opposed to exposing (and losing) Myers but he would have had to be replaced which is hard to do at an affordable rate. As far as play goes, I wonder how much play time he'll receive down the stretch. Given the way COVID has ravaged the team, my guess is he'll get some playing time but what about guys like Rafferty, Brisebois and Chatfield? They're all RFAs next year and if there's a continued $ crunch I wonde
  15. It also goes to show how expensive buying cap space is. Panik is a serviceable NHLer even if he wasn't able to crack the Caps' lineup and WSH had to give up a 2nd to make it work. The Wings have 12 picks in 2021 and 11 in 2022. They can either restock quickly or convert some of those picks into coveted players. Although many picks moved around today, it does feel like picks are even more highly valued in the flat cap era since it's harder to move players. It's one of the reasons that GMs need to be more careful about the contracts they sign (not that I see that happening any ti
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