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  1. I'm not particularly worried 4 games into the season. The Canucks looked pretty good in the 1st period. The team has looked in and out of sync with Game 1 being their most complete performance, Games 2 and 3 being pretty lackluster, and Game 4 being a mixed bag that ended poorly. The team lost a lot of important veterans and while I like the additions, I think it's going to take some time for the team to really gel. This includes issues like turnovers and penalties since those two things seem to lead to a vicious cycle. The team has already shown that they can be in sync and that, when they are in sync, they are actually very good at applying relentless pressure with good team speed and skill throughout the lineup. It is tough to see Petey struggling and frustrating to see the team out of sync, but honestly, I'm not surprised. All teams have not had the benefit of a pre-season this year and maybe the Canucks just need a bit more time to become a cohesive group.
  2. I'm with this but only if there's a Freaky Friday situation and LV's Mark Stone's skills transfer permanently to the new Mark Stone.
  3. Agree that this doesn't seem like the type of action that would fit within Canucks management's culture. Players who request this can still be effective and help their teams but it's definitely a red flag. It makes sense that a team like the Penguins could have interest. It's not that they have a bad culture but more that their core is still pretty solid such that they can bring in guys like Roslovic who could play up and down the line-up. They don't necessarily need guys like this to buy in long term.
  4. I wonder if they'll retain the format in the future. It might be a bit harder to do when a team's stadium is again used for other events, but perhaps the travel burden might be lessened? The Canucks looked more flat and disorganized last night but yes, McDavid dominated as he is wont to do. I personally don't find that McDavid uses his linemates well but he generates so much on his own that it doesn't really matter. His acceleration, speed and ability to do everything at top speed is amazing to see, even if it's terribly frustrating when he lights up your team. As much as Oiler's fans might be encouraged by last night's win, it just seems to be another example of how the team only goes as McDavid (and Draisaitl) go. He is of course pivotal to their success, but when they are shutdown, there's very little push from the balance of the team. We're just 2 games into the season so I think it's hard to draw too much from these two games. There's lots to be encouraged about and still many question marks. It will be good to have Miller back and I'm hoping the team can stay healthy so we see the best possible line-up throughout the season.
  5. Interesting. There must have been some cap reason to have Eriksson on the opening night roster. This makes sense. Bailey had a good camp and, at minimum, provides the Canucks with size and speed if they need to insert him into the line-up. Reviews of Eriksson were...wanting, as they have unfortunately been for basically the entirety of his time here. It's too bad. I like Eriksson. He had some great years in Dallas and had a good career really up until he joined the Canucks. He was at least still good at the "little things" up until last season but based on comments about him from camp, he's not deserving of a roster spot right now.
  6. Gotta give credit to GM Cheveldayoff for continuing to ice a competitive team. Looks like Lewis will be RW to Perreault (LW) and Thompson (C). An older line but still chippy.
  7. I'm surprised some are saying that the Canucks' D is not improved this year. I would say the jury is still out to some degree, but the D certainly looks like it at least has the potential to be much better. Instead of Tanev, Stecher and Fantenberg, the Canucks have Hamonic, Schmidt and Juolevi. I like the Hamonic signing and at this cap hit and term, it's a no-brainer. Is Hamonic better than Tanev? Hard to say with any certainty. I really like Tanev and would not have minded the Canucks keeping him on. Tanev can be and generally is a very effective D. Hamonic has a very different playstyle but is also quite effective. Neither are going to produce much. To me, having Hamonic over Tanev is a bit of a wash in terms of general effectiveness in the D zone, but I think there is little question that Hamonic's deal makes this a winner for the Canucks. I like Stecher but Schmidt should be much more effective than him. Can't yet say if Juolevi is much better than Fantenberg (who outplayed Benn last year), but he still has a much higher ceiling than Fantenberg so there's a lot to look forward to with Juolevi finally getting regular NHL play time.
  8. Even if Eriksson and Baertschi were waived, has there been confirmation that they are being assigned to the AHL or overseas and not the taxi squad?
  9. The possibility that Kane might terminate his contract is brutal for the Sharks. Kane still has 4 more years remaining on his contract. He is a huge part of their top 6. I wonder if their pick up of Balcers indicates that Kane really might terminate his contract. Not saying Balcers is an adequate replacement for Kane, more that they will need a full roster so if Kane really might terminate, then picking up a player off waivers (especially one that they drafted before and are familiar with) makes sense as a quick stop gap measure. I'm not sure what the remedies are for Kane if he terminates his contract after now having filed for bankruptcy. I wonder when, or even if, he can sign another contract while he's still in his prime?
  10. Panthers are probably last on the waiver wire after picking up Juulsen but could benefit from picking up Kylington. I wonder if the Ducks might pick up Kylington as an option they may consider superior to Hutton (who just signed a PTO).
  11. If the Canucks are thinking of sending Loui to the AHL instead of keeping him on the taxi squad, then I wonder if they might try to work out something with the Dallas organization since, if I'm not mistaken, Loui's family still lives in Dallas?
  12. Rathbone looks very promising but needs some seasoning in the pros before becoming full-time. It's amazing that the Canucks can have someone like that in the pipeline though when they have Hughes and now with Juolevi hopefully establishing himself as a full-time NHLer this season (hopefully). Great 4th round pick.
  13. I would be shocked if you can find fresh mangosteen, rambutans or other fruits native to SE Asia that are much more fresh than what you would find at the larger grocery chains. You can try some Asian specific markets like Henlong in Surrey or New Pacific Supermarket in Coquitlam (between the two you might have a better chance with Henlong). Generally speaking, the supply lines for these fruit getting to Vancouver don't seem well established for there to be a reliable fresh supply. Even when I was in SE Asia, regions that weren't particularly close to where those fruits grew did not always have access to very fresh supply of those fruits. You could still find fruit that was miles better than what you can find in Vancouver, and sometimes you could find a very fresh batch, but even then it wasn't consistent. Anything that would be fresh in Vancouver would need to have been flown over which would limit the amount of fruit that could be transported. That alone would presumably lead to anything you might find being extremely expensive. Still, I'm now also curious if anyone has found anything :).