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  1. Give Edler the big bucks, whatever it takes to avoid a NTC/NTC. 3 years tops.
  2. I'm still pissed about Forsling. He's going to be a good defenseman. 

    1. Coconuts


      You win some and you lose some, just one of those things.

    2. luckylager



      "Just the way she goes"

    3. Dazzle


      @combover You act like you know what you're talking about.


      You don't.


      Clendenning had superb AHL numbers as a defenceman. Benning is human. Based on the stats, there was NO indication that Clendenning would've turned into a AHL plug.


      Turns out Benning is/was wrong. But other GMs who took on Clendenning later were hoping to see more from him. It never seemed to happen.

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  3. "It is what it is." - a lonely star

  4. Speak of the devil! 

  5. Slowly forgetting that MDZ exists.

    1. HI5


      It’ll be gone soon now with both Koreas calling a truce.

    2. Roberts


      :lol: how about now?

    3. naslund.is.king
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  6. The ice at this tournament has been embarrassing. Stamkos was right.

  7. It's actually depressing watching the Oiler's play as a neutral party. McDavid's career is going to be a modern day tragedy if he sticks it out with them.

    1. Shift-4


      I'm not hurt at all

    2. Alflives


      @Mathew Barzal

      kind of reminds me of when Marcel Dionne was playing with the Kings.  Dionne was totally fabulous, and put up huge numbers.  The rest of the team was not so good.  Dionne might be the greatest player to never win a Cup.  



      After all the luck at the lotto draft the Oilers have had (4 -first overall picks in less than 10 years,they can BITE MY BEHIND.

      Boo Hoo,for a team that sucks big time, and have had more glory days than they deserved.

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  8. I havent been this riled up over a Canucks game in some time. God bless Roussel. 

  9. Whether he fully recovers or not, if I were Baertschi I would take a long look at calling it a career. At some point it's just not worth it.
  10. I've been hoping that happens for a while now. In fact I even wanted Hansen there when he was a Canuck, I have no idea why the Canucks personnel are so averse to just putting the players with cannons at the top of the circle and teeing them up. Hansen had one of the best one timers on the team and it was really disappointing we didn't use him there. Honestly speaking, I'm not a fan of Virtanen's game. It is extremely reliant on North-South hockey and when we actually retain puck possession and enter the cycle he ends up doing his own thing because he is ine
  11. If you're not watching CGY - EDM, you're missing out. Playoff game vibes, holy $&!#.

    1. Cromeslab


      I’m following,good game so far

    2. J-23


      What a game so far

    3. MikeBossy


      Man these two teams have such a hate for each other - I have to agree with Burke - the F(lames) dont have the boys to handle the Oilers physical play - wow


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  12. Haha, I doubt your average joe is as invested in the Canucks as us. No one is going to 'look up' anything, just see the other draftees around him.
  13. Given what we know now, I think everyone would be thrilled if we got a Hansen out of Jake. But he will never be judged based on his own true potential, he will be judged based on where he was picked. And it will always be hard to justify his production based on that alone.
  14. Everyone is talking about Goldy's emergence so far but what about Eriksson? Holy cow was he a stallion last night. Doing the dirty jobs at 120% all game.

    1. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal



      I'm more inclined to say both the Sedins and Eriksson need speed to compliment their game. On big ice speed isn't as much of a factor because there's so much room. On small ice however, they were easy to shut down. 

    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      @Brad Marchand I've been saying this since we signed him to deaf ears.  Pettersson is basically the perfect fit for him.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      All too often CDC'ers are throwin out the baby with the bath water, as well as dangling various tired cliches, 'til the cows come home. Just stop it! All of ya's...

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  15. I put off Better Call Saul for so long because I thought it was a money grab of a show mooching off Breaking Bad. Started watching it last week and my god what have I been missing out on? Also, &^@# Chuck. 

    1. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      @DonaldBrashear I'd suggest that Chuck only helps Jimmy within the limits that Chuck sets, and the bar isn't high. Chuck is actually quite jealous of Jimmy's good nature with people, he resents it in fact. Chuck didn't actually help Jimmy get his degree, he gave him a mailroom job and Jimmy made the most of it. 

    2. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      I am watching it on Netflix the past week. I dunno why I stopped watching to begin with after Season 1.

      All of the main characters in this show; something obviously drastic happens between Jimmy and them in the next few seasons because you don't hear a peep about them in Breaking Bad, obviously. Poor Kim, Jimmy is probably going to crush her somehow, some way.. 

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      An interesting trivia tidbit too is that Hector, Mark Margolis, played Alberto the Shadow in Scarface; he's the one Al Pacino shoots in the head before he can explode the car with the children inside. And of course Eladio is Manny from the movie as well, but I think most people knew that already.

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  16. Maybe he can convince Golyshev to ditch the Islanders...
  17. Remember when people tried to pacify the hate train for the 2014 draft by pretending the McCann and Virtanen picks were swapped? Pepperidge farm remembers. They're pretty much on level ground right now.
  18. Converting a defenseman to forward... and then making him play defense. That's that 5D chess I expect out of the Canucks organization.
  19. If he can transition into a third line two forward when the rebuild is finished I wouldn't mind keeping the kid. Anyone remember all the drama when he was sitting alone on the plane or something? People thought he was an outcast on the team.
  20. Canucks grit/60 just tripled. 

  21. Will we see Rathbone at the prospects showdown? He was one of the draftpicks I was intrigued by last year.
  22. I still stand by the fact that this lottery system is good. I enjoy seeing bubble teams like the Stars/Flyers/Canes get rewarded for competing.


    Teams who are truly bad will have ample opportunity to turn things around if they draft properly. Just because you don't get top three doesn't mean picks 4-10 are suddenly complete ass.

    1. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Are teams really getting rewarded for competing when they simply failed down the stretch? Over the last 20 games, Arizona was probably the best of all 15 teams that were part of the lottery, yet they were bumped out of the top 3. 

  23. If he can truly work on his shot over the summer I don't think 20 goals is out of the question next season, and given his work ethic the past couple of months I actually have faith in him for the first time. Go get em Virt.
  24. Part of me hopes they don't even lace them up for the Oilers game, you couldn't have scripted a better ending. Let all the young guns get in on the action.



      I agree 100 percent. 

    2. Wilbur


      Scratch the Sedins for Dowd and Motte?  Uh, no.

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