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[Report] Luongo Requests A Trade During Exit Meeting With Gillis


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In my opinion, Roberto felt his position as this team's undisputed starter was jeopardized this year, and the result is a very quick, reactionary decision by him to leave the city. Based on reports that one of his top four choices is Toronto, I feel his priority is to play for a team where he will be the guaranteed starter. I believe this is all happening because he is uncomfortable with another goaltender challenging him for the starting position.

Three playoff games on the bench seemed enough for Roberto to decide he doesn't fit anymore. It's a surprise to anyone who believed Roberto would want to stay through thick and thin, considering how successful this team has been.

Roberto wants more ice time. I think we've heard that story before. This time, he's the one calling the shots, though.

This just doesn't reflect Lu's situation at all - quick? reactionary?

Lu has come under fire for some time - granted, some of it was warranted but, many times, it was the team around him imploding and he was the last means of defense (literally) and just couldn't do it all himself.

He is a brilliant goaltender but the decision to make him captain likely didn't do him any favours....the goaltender already has a bit of a "stand alone" mission and to thrust him into the forefront beyond that puts far too much emphasis there.

And I agree that it's just a matter of seeing the writing on the wall for Lu and trying to exit with some dignity and offer the team an out.

People will do what they do here and, in that, expect CS to be a savior and perform to perfection. I hope he can withstand that pressure, as it won't be easy....as far as I'm concerned, Lu certainly did (but never got credit for it). I'm not convinced that this was the way to go...as much as I love CS, Lu embraced this team as his own...who can fault him for that?

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I posted before the play off's; Start Schneider for game 1 just to send him a message. Then go back immediately to Lou for game 2, even if Schneider got a shut out. It tells Lou, we're giving you a chance, but no let downs as we have had in some play off years! Then run with Lou as long as he holds the fort.

My post got locked; I was called an idiot. Does not look so dumb now?

I also posted earlier in the year; Lou looks to have matured past his past meltdowns. But this reaction from Lou, just like him whining that nobody was pumping his tires (then letting in 6 or 8 goals) suggests exactly why he has meltdowns. Lou gets too emotional. Whether it helps his trade value or not, it makes any decision easier!

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Really? You didn't see this coming? This is not surprising at all. Luongo is continually replaced in net whenever there is a problem of any kind on the club. Mini-losing streak? Coach puts in CS. Losing in playoffs but not the goalie's fault as the coach said? Coach puts in CS. Fans and media alike are clamoring for CS to take the #1 spot. Would you feel wanted? Getting blamed for everything that goes wrong in Vancouver is not something I would want on my shoulders. Now the hard part - try to find someone to take that contract. Good luck.

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Aww boy this isn't good. The Canucks need Luongo, we can't just rest our entire season's hopes on a kid who has started 56 games over 4 seasons. Who knows how Schneider will do with 60+ games, he could easily crack under the pressure of a full-time position. And then there's the problem of finding a backup capable of playing 20-30 games...

Trading Schneider would have been the easier option, and we'd get more in return as well.

If MG traded Hodgson because he wanted out, he won't find it hard to move Luongo either. I just hope the 3 stupid nothing-games at the end of our playoffs didn't make Luongo decide this, because we had no chance of coming back from a 3-0 hole anyway.

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I love watching Lou when he is great. Because he really is the best goalie in the league when he is on his game. And all great goalies and players have bad games. It’s the consistency and timing of those bad games over time that MG and AV need to consider. Lou seems to handle the pressure of us Canuck-a-holics in stride. If he were to go to TO he would handle that as well (I did laugh at the comment being in TO would solve the playoff pressure issues). He is an elite, top 5 goalie. He cannot and should not be a backup. No way would he or should he want to split the duties of a season. The Canucks are a top tier team (the best team up until a week ago) and they are in business to win. The cruel reality is your value to the team ends when a better player that can fit into the team is available.

Lou played amazing hockey in game 1 against LA. We should have been out of it by the end of the 1st but Lou said not on my shift. Then we take the major and go down again in the 2nd but Lou keeps it to one goal’s worth of damage and then stands on his head to allow us to tie it. We end the 2nd tied when again we should be out of it but again, not on Lou’s shift. A bad breakout at the end of the third and Lou cannot stop it. We lose but not because of Lou. MG and AV started Lou because he is number 1 and he proves it in game 1. Lou takes 38 shots (Quick only 26). 38 freaking shots from a penalty ridden mayhem our D and O create. A mess for any goalie. Yeah the refs suck. They always suck when you get a bad call (Kessy sprays some ice into cry baby Quick’s face). That is a bad call. Launching pucks out of our zone to make 5-3 is not the ref. Through all of this Lou is the best goalie on the ice and the best player.

Game 2, is not the same. Quick takes 48 shots and lets in 2. Lou takes 26 and lets in 4. No empty net, but 4 real goals. Not an elite goalie. Blue line breakdowns (a blown tire to let the first SH goal but that was caused by trying to force a containment that was risky) cause 2 SH goals. One of those 2 SH goals, should Lou have been stopped any (the last one IMHO)?

So, put yourself in the shoes of MG and AV. Remember, the Canucks are a business as well as a family. Our currency is wins. We fans expect nothing less. Game 3, away. Lou has his best breakdowns away if he is going to have them. I need not talk of the dark days of April and June, 2011. Lou is shaky in game 2 at best and going to the away game. Unlike those dark days of June 2011 where Lou gets a shutout in Game 5 at home to erase the previous 2 meltdowns away to earn game 6, he is sliding into the away game. Without emotion, just look at the data and rationally answer “what is the solution that provides my highest chance to win game 3”. It came up Schneids. I was all but begging the gods to have AV and MG say Schneids for game 3. Last year, no way. This year, they did because it was the right decision.

Sadly game 3 had us outshot LA 41 to 20. Quick stood on his head but our F did not really create many high quality shots. Schneids had many high quality shots in his 20 and one went in. You are MG and AV, what to do with game 4? You have to agree with what they did and we win Game 4 (Schneids has 44 shots, to Quick 30 and we could have lost without Schneids). Dan the man is back as well. I argue were not the Canucks in game 1-3. With Dan back we are the top team in the league and the top team can certainly win 4 in a row. We just did 8 in a row. This is the top team now playing the 8th place just got into the playoffs.

Game 5 do you go to Lou now? Data says no. MG and AV made the right call. 1st period was great but then we simply stopped playing every shift like it was our last. And the rest wrote itself. In our must win Game 5 we are outshot 37 to 27. Schneids was great. Must win turned into try to win.

MG and AV are simply doing what we Canuck-a-holic fans demand. Create a great family with great chemistry and maximize our chances to win. They did that this year but only after our disappointing start (remember that, I prefer to not). I will leave you with one last thought. Game 6, June 2011, away game. Lou is a disaster away in games 3 and 4 just like he was in Chicago in the first round. Game 5 he solves it at home and gets a shutout (he did not do that against Chicago). You are MG and AV. What do you do? I thought the away game held more than the shutout and wanted to see Schenids get game 6. But a shutout. And a solid shutout at that. Hard to not go with Lou. History said Schneids would have been the better choice. But stats tells you nothing about a single event and history cannot be undone. But that game 6 was remembered by MG and AV when the decisions of games 3, 4 and 5 had to be made. Honestly, did they make the right call this year? I say they did.

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I find it hard to believe that Lu has not spoken "on the side" with Yzerman or another front office type about the TB situation. He is in FLA quite a bit and the "stealth" meeting is not out of the question. Sure it is speculation, but if you were unhappy in your current job and you knew someone who could bail you out that also had interest, would you not talk to them about it?

Plus, the TB fans are already blogging about this and have stated that they would give him a heroes welcome. They have gone through 14 goalies in the past 5 years (That's a lot) and want stability in net. They seem to be the only potential suitor that has a majority of positivity about him in their fan base. With their offensive skills, they are really just a Lu away from going deep. CHI, SJ, NJ and even TOR are more negative. Or so it seems on their social feeds.

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My bet is someone close to Luongo (family or friend or maybe even agent) leaked it to make sure Gillis makes a deal happen and after Shnieder taking over the starting job the mystery was gone who the Canucks wanted to move forward with and Luongo did his best by the canucks in his interview by saying it was up to the canucks to ask him to waive his NTC .

Also with a combination of Loungos age and remaining years on his contract the only thing we could hope for in return was another bad contract or best case salary relief so im not sure why people are thinking we were going to get some really good return in this deal

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This becoming public is surprising me.

We all knew for a while that one of our two great goalies would be moved this summer.

Ask anybody a month ago and 90% would say Schnieder would be going becuase he does not have the NTC and can fetch a greater return. Now in the past week the tables have turned. Lou is still great but most of us want Schneids now.

This does weaken GM MG position a bit though. Lou does not get great trade value because of his salary.......

Oh well, a month ago I was happy with Lou in the nets for the next six years and the traded assets we get from CS.

Now I am happy with the "probably" slightly better (more consistent) CS between the pipes for years to come.

Look on the bright side? When the dust settles, lets hope it is a win win?

(but I am still curious when CS would have got for a trade)

And if Lou made this public (that he wanted a trade), he should not have.

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The return wasn't going to be great to begin with, at least by asking for a trade, he didn't make Gillis ask him to waive his NTC, which allows him to remain true to his word on not asking players to waive. When we start calculating the return, lets not forget to add in the free agent that gets signed with that cap space. The cap space is likely to be the most valuable return (other than Schneider).

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