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What's Better, Splash Down Tsawassen Or Cultus Waterpark?


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I'm going to be coming home to Vancouver for a few days during the summer, if weather permits I'll probably go to either one of the places...

So is one more "fun" than the other or are they relatively the same? I looked on google earth and can see that splashdown has more slides but does that really matter are they really all that different?

I'll likely be going before school closes in June so will there be fewer kids at one or the other? I would prefer to avoid a madhouse crowd, if that's even possible.

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Cultus for sure...Splasdown looks good, but on half the slides, you gotta push yourself down them. Go each summer to cultus and never get tired of it.

Splashdown is like a slushy while cultus is the slurpy, the real deal. Anywhere you go, gonna be a rush so no point of thinking about it.

Cultus rides are diff and Splasdown, usually the same thing. Cultus is way more fun, in my opinion, than Splasdown and not going there would be something you'd regret / go cultus, it's way better and fun

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Splashdown seemed a little cramped and was packed when we were there. Unless they've expanded, it felt much too crowded.

We enjoyed the Trans Canada Water Slides. Nice areas nearby, too, to add to the experience.

I used to think the Cultus water slides & Trans Canada were one in the same...but I've just learned they're not!

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I havent' been to either in probably 10 years but Cultus was always better for quality. The river run is far better than the one at Splashdown. Cultus has the 2 big slides (72 ft drop and the speed slide) which are better in my opinion than all the slides Splashdown has to offer.


Check it out, they even have videos you can watch of the runs.

WOW, I need to really go back, looks like they've added some cool slides!

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