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Any chance to resign Aaron Rome now?

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Things are starting to look a bit thin on the right side, I have that feeling that Gillis struck out today on all of his potential targets, and will have to bring back Aaron Rome at a 1.75 million dollar salary.

At the moment all we have is:

Hamhuis - Bieksa

Edler -

Ballard - Tanev

I have doubts any of our prospects are able to make the jump to a regular position; but I don't understand why we didn't qualify Gragnani. I think Gillis missed the boat on this, as our depth on the back end is terrible.

I wonder if he thought that Schultz and Salo were guaranteed signings for Vancouver. Right now I don't see any signings available that are cost efficient; might as well bring back Rome because he knows the system.


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this team is about 3 pieces away from being a legit contender again. Unfortunately those three pieces can only be obtained through trade or free agency. If gillis goes via the free agency route he will have to over pay someone...he cannot just sit back and not pay out of principle....if he goes by the trade route he will have to give up a prominent player on this team who is not named Luongo....Luongo will not fetch much in return because of his albatross of a contract.

Perpetual mediocrity coming up unless MG grabs some cahoonas and makes something happen....

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