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[Signing] Shea Weber to Flyers (OFFERSHEET)

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Pbbly front loaded at $12 mill per year for the first 3 years. Weber had no choice but to sign long term now. Either he does something like this or loses out on millions of dollars because the next CBA will ban these types of contracts.

I guess I'll have to change my profile pic soon.

Edit, on top of the front loading I bet there is a huge signing bonus, maybe close to $15 or $20 mill. Thats the only way it would deter the Preds from matching it.

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Wow. Is it possible that the Flyers might have some info that this is outside of Nashville's budget?

If they really wanted Weber WHY would they make this offer when it gives Nashville the chance to insta-match and ruin their chances of ever getting him?

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