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Woman Breastfeeds Her Pet Dog


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A California mom who couldn't breastfeed her children says she gets maternal satisfaction by breastfeeding her pet dog.

In an interview with the U.K. edition of Closer magazine, Terri Graham, 44, said nursing her pug, Spider, makes her feel like a better mom.

She told the magazine she was devastated when she couldn't breastfeed daughter Leesa, now 9, and son Lucas, now 2.

She said Spider developed a taste for her breast milk in 2010, after he licked the nipple of a bottle she had pumped to feed baby Lucas.

"People might say I'm a freak, but having Spider suckle on my boob means I finally feel complete and a better mother," Lucas is quoted as saying in the article, which appears in the Oct. 20 issue of the magazine, under the heading "Outrageous Mum."

And Spider gets something out of it, too, she said — nutrition and love.

A graphic photo of Spider suckling on Graham's breast was posted to the website Reddit.

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I sure hope she doesn't get some kind of sexual satisfaction out of it, that's just ???? nasty if so.

On the other hand, if we presume she's telling the truth about the maternal rationale, it's not all that farfetched that humans drink milk directly from cows, whether it be in a cup or from a cow's udders, it's not shocking to me that it's done in the reverse and to a dog, as they don't exactly have cups. I don't see why it's a big deal, nor do I see why she wants attention for it. I'm just not all up in arms like some posters, as I read some of the posts above, who've already putrefied the topic with their stereotypical North American suburban bourgeois prudishness.

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I dunno, this one doesn't really bother me that much.

How many times have you seen pictures of mother cats nursing a different animals. Hell, we drink something almost daily that comes out of a cow's teet.

If this fills a hole within her, psychological or otherwise, more power to her. It's not like she taught the dog to tongue her nipple for jollies.

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