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[Discussion] Decent Veteran Centres Available


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If we believe that Kesler will still be out a while... why haven't we picked up a cheap veteran like Arnott or Morrison? They are without contracts and as far as I have heard they haven't retired.

Wouldn't they be a better option than what we have now? Have Burrows back on the wing for the 2nd line.

Reasons why we might not be:

1. A Luongo deal is closer than we think

2. We want to leave as much salary space as possible for a potential Luongo deal

3. We really think that our guys can fill in

4. We want to give Schroeder a longer look

5. None of the available options want to play here or our GM considers are upgrades.

Other thoughts?

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Combination of all of the above, plus:

1) Morrison is no longer "decent". He was great for Calgary when he first signed there. But last season he was pretty useless.

2) Arnott may want more than he's worth (he's no more than an average 3rd liner at this point in his career), and could be holding out for a desperate team.

3) Management expects more out of Ebbett.

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Honestly, since we are close to the contract limit and close to the cap, I think it really might have something to do with the imminent Luongo trade.

As much as Gillis says he's comfortable with the current situation, let's not kid ourselves.

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Those, and Kesler has started some skating with the team, so could be back in a couple weeks from now as he get's back to game shape.

I could see why they would want to upgrade, and I can also see why they're giving Schroeder a chance as they said even last year he deserved some games.

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