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[Trade] PHI Acquires Gagne From LA for a 4th

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Ok, maybe a bit of a stretch on a few names (Brayden Schenn? A few fights, but one of which was against Kovi?)

Using your criteria, we'd have:












A mix of guys who have fought and will along with people we would actually consider good fighters for our team.

If you're going to openly support another team, it's probably wise that you don't look like you're trolling, even in jest. Cut it about the number of cups or that we wish we were as tough as Philly.

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Fixed to include actual tough players. None of those other guys are tough. It's like Canucks fans saying that Lapierre is tough because he's willing to drop the gloves whenever.

And Shelley has played 1 game this season, so that's pushing it. Sestito has dressed for 7.

The only consistent toughness the Flyers have is Hartnell, Simmonds, and Rinaldo.

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A steal for the Flyers, but it was likely a favor to Gagne. It doesn't hurt that they shipped him out of the Western Conference either, as he could come back to bite them if he gets his game back on track. Either way, Gagne got his championship and the Flyers got an old favorite back.

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