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[Trade] PHI Acquires Gagne From LA for a 4th

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Maybe let's put this a different way, who would CDC'ers drop from our current roster to put Gagne is his place? LA apparently only wanted a pick back, so it doesn't seem like we could have trade a roster player (particularly not one with significant salary) back.

There's more to a deal than just that a team got a decent player.

Good deal for Flyers.

However, for those saying Gillis should have done this - do we really need another soft LW? Seriously?

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Don't be surprised, for whatever reason teams are willing to part with a player who isn't producing for next to nothing. 4th rounder really is an insult though, he deserves at least a 2nd.

Makes you think what we could snag with some of our picks. With 2+ million cleared thanks to Malhotra on IR Gillis should be shopping our 2nd and 3rd round picks for some good players before the deadline.

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